Nayana Deeksha

What is Nayana Deeksha?

Nayana Deeksha means, “initiation by sight”. “When you see the divine, you ask what you think is best for you; when the divine sees you, the whole Cosmos gives you what it knows best for you.”
-HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam

Setting up a live 2-way connection for Nayanadeeksha

For 2way video conferencing we use Zoom software. Instructions for Zoom:
Make sure you have a decent computer/laptop and a HD webcam, so that you are clearly visible (Logitech and Microsoft are good and affordable).

For 2way you need to buy Nayanadeeksha credits. 1 credit is good for one viewing session. Living Shuddha Advaita, Webinars, Celebrations and Satsangs are payed sessions. For En-programs no credits are needed.

These are the different purchase options:
30 session package for 350$ (11.66$/session) :
8 session package for 100$ (12.50$/session) :
1 session 15$ :

To get the link and login for Satsang please send an email or chat with [email protected] Use the link to install Zoom and enter the room.

Sign your Adheenam/center up for 2-way for upcoming events
If you want to host a program on 2-way use this link to sign up for 2way online programs:
Depending on the number of available two way slots and the number of participants at your Temple/center you will be assigned 2way. The general rule is that you need minimal 10 participants to get 2way for any online program.
After signing up you will receive the necessary material to host the program at your Adheenam/center.

For information about programs chat or mail with [email protected]
For information about Nayanadeeksha chat or mail with [email protected]

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