KAILASA Los Angeles Saravajnapeetha

Installed and inaugurated by Swamiji on Diwali, November 29th, 2007 in Montclair, California, the temple space of over 25,000 square feet holds the largest number of tallest deities in North America, including Sri Venkateshwara and Sri Rajarajeshwari. The importance of the temple as a Punya Kshetra and Theertha Sthala for Hinduism was directly revealed to Swamiji by Sadashiva in a vision. He has said about the deities that they have all been directly birthed by him and that each deity can connect people to other vertical time zones, portals and lokas, bringing the best things from each loka. Not only the boons people may ask but also darshans of gods and liberation itself. It is the western headquarters of Nithyanada sangha and a physical center for Nithyananda Hindu University. LA is the center for Fire energy just like Arunachala and is called Arunachala of the West. Just like Arunachala, anyone who remembers LA temple will attain moksha (“smaranath mukti”). It is a center of worship, meditation, celebration and power manifestation standing strong for the revival of Hinduism. Along with the main garbha mandir, the temple has a large hall where special programs and workshops are conducted and also features an Apta Hall, housing a library of Hinduism related books and the pictures of lineages of enlightened masters. Read more: https://kailasapedia.org/wiki/KAILASA_LOS_ANGELES,_USA_-_Sarvajnapeetam

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