Abundance from the Source - Webinar

May 17, 2016


In this powerful webinar Abundance From The Source, delivered by Paramahamsa Nithyananda on 17 Januari 2016, Paramahamsa nithyananda gives the final truths, the last words on wealth and abundance. He explains the basic concepts we need to understand to be able to manifest abundance, and enjoy it. At the end of the session, he answers devotees questions in a time of Q&A. Paramahamsa Nithyananda begins the webinar by saying he is in the mood of giving the final truths, the last word on abundance. Money, wealth and abundance are not the same - he first explains the difference between and gives the definitions of each of these. He moves on to explain about poverty, how poverty is nothing but deciding to live without finding a solution for your problem. He reveals the hypocrisy of contentment, and how it is different from being complete. And ultimately, he explains what the only attitude is for having wealth and abundance in life, where you are also able to enjoy it. He explains about how completion makes your inner space ready for abundance, and how abundance and third eye are related to each other. We can use the spiritual powers to manifest wealth in our lives. In the Q&A, Swamiji answers questions related to Goddess Lakshmi, on the topic of spiritual seekers who have financial problems or difficulties, about charity and more. A must watch video for all people who want to attract the ultimate wealth and abundance in their lives, and want to be able to enjoy it also. For all people who want to manifest wealth based on the spiritual principles, from the space of spiritual awakening, Kundalini awakening, third eye awakening.

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