Adding Strength to You is Life

February 14, 2014


In today's (14th February, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda delivers a very important truth -- adding strength to you is life! By weaving the fabric of Liberated Thinking into our lives, strength is added to everything we do. Completion with the body is yoga, breathing is pranayama, speaking is Integrity, thinking is Authenticity, feeling is Responsibility and living is Enlightenment. Let us make completion our life and drink the nectar of strength! TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today, Inner Awakening 9th day! And we have Kalpataru Darshan in Tiruvannamalai. I will enter into the satsang. Strength! Today I will expand on STRENGTH. Understand, everything you do in your life should be adding strength to you. Then it is nectar. If it is adding weakness to you, it is poison. Whether your eating habit, sleeping habit, working habits, sometime sitting habit, the way you sit, and dancing habit, and very important, thinking habit. Some of the biggest habits which you forget is your speaking habits, your thinking habits your feeling habits, your living habits. Listen. Some of the very important habits you have, you take them for granted. Your sitting habit decides whether you are planning for a back-pain or a healthy back. Just the alignment in your sitting habit, not only you will not have pain, you will be getting more and more strength. At least we have video-recorded evidence for the last ten years I am just sitting, sitting, sitting, sitting, sitting. For last ten years we have video-recorded evidence of at least twelve-thousand hours me sitting. Understand? I have never had back-pain even for a minute. I am taking out many people's back-pain! And I have jumped so much, but never fallen. Anyhow, listen! Anything you do should go on adding more and more strength to you. If there is some weakness, look in and align it. When I saw this cough is happening because of continuous talking, I did not stop talking; I just looked inside where the exact is problem and aligned. Now, literally, it is not there. Understand, Completion with your muscles is Yoga, Completion with your breathing is Pranayama, Completion with your speaking is Integrity, Completion with your thinking is Authenticity, Completion with your feeling is Responsibility, Completion with your living is Enlightenment. Completion with your body is Yoga. Completion with your breathing is Pranayama. Listen. Every action you do, every habit you build up, should be leading to more and more joy, strength. Sorry, I withdraw the word "joy", I add the word "strength"; sometimes somethings give you a joy but doesn't give you strength. I want to congratulate the CVS Retail chain stores all over the world have decided to stop selling tobacco and tobacco-related products. CVS is one of the largest retail chain stores. I congratulate them, and I give them my heartfelt blessings on behalf of me and on behalf of millions of Hindus. And I congratulate for the beautiful decision you have made and the sensitivity you are showing, care you are showing to the world. Every action you do should add strength to you. Wrong thinking is much worse than smoking! We are all so much bothered about the smoking habit because it weakens our lungs, weakens our body, finally, takes your life out, you are killed. But I don't know why we are not having this much of concern about wrong thinking which is very important. Your smoking habit may be you will be doing it once, once or twice a day if you are a beginner. Maybe once in a one hour if you are a chain-smoker. But thinking goes on and on and on! Don't you understand it is very important? It is very important! That if you feel weak, you are supposed to look back, look in the way you think and start correcting it immediately. I invite all the Yoga teachers all over the world, you only learned one part of Yoga -- Completion with body; you need to learn Completion with breathing, Completion with your words, Completion with your thinking, Completion with your feeling, Completion with your living. Please listen. Bringing the fabric of Completion and weaving your whole life is what I call "liberated thinking". Bringing the fabric of Completion and weaving your whole life with it is what I call "liberated thinking". It was such a ecstasy. I am talking about my experience of enlightenment at the age of twelve. But it is I who has to work to bring that ecstatic moment, that Completion and weave that experience with my whole life. Please listen. Today I am revealing one of the very important fact, very important truth. Many of you get satori experience in your life knowingly or unknowingly either when you are praying deeply or when you face the sudden death of your near and dear one, or when you yourself face some accident and come out

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