Advaita Is The Cure-All

April 11, 2014


At today's (20 March 2014) morning Satsang Haridwar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda describes how living in the space of Advaita is the cure-all for problems, sickness and disease. Advaita teaches that our problems are only incompletions with the guarantee that we can come out of them. The correct context of Advaita contains its own self-purification system -- completion. Depression is a symptom and delusion is a disease. Living in the space of Advaita is the cure, curing us to the core, and destroying both the symptom and the disease. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I will continue to expand on the Space of Advaitha. Please understand, no other civilization, no other country, no other group of human-beings had the guts and courage to make and amend the laws based on the human experience. Please understand, all laws, all regulations, all rules, were always binding the man also who made it. That is why, whenever the Constitutions are declared, the Constitution writers are also bound by it once it is declared. Some people have tried cunningly to keep themselves out. They call it by so many names. The Top Three people have immunity. You give different titles -- Premier, President, Prime Minister -- you give all these kind of titles and try to keep yourself above the Constitution. All I am talking is from the society's angle, please understand. I am going to speak about the great space of Advaitha from various angles. Today, I am speaking from the angle of society, because today's Inner Awakening program I am going to make a group experience Advaitha. A "group" means, literally specimens from all over the world! They are there from all backgrounds! From all backgrounds -- background, front ground, right ground, left ground, and no ground! All are there! So, only if you understand a little bit about society and the importance of Advaitha from the social angle, you will know why I am asking you to, why I am inspiring you, why I am making you to experience Advaitha. And, I tell you, Advaitha is the only philosophy. Even the word "philosophy" is too small. Advaitha is the only fact, truth, which can be experienced globally! And I also want to put this on record, when I use the word "Advaitha", I am not excluding Dvaitha and Visishta Advaitha. The beauty and greatness of Advaitha is, it is all-inclusive. As an Advaithi, I can comfortably bow down to Ramanuja, Madhwa, Venkateshwara, Krishna. I can comfortably bow down to Buddha, Mahaveera, all the ten Sikh gurus. I can comfortably bow down to the great Keenaram Baba of Aghori Peetha. I can comfortably bow down to Gorakshnatha, Matsyendranatha, Adi Natha. Please understand, when I say "Advaitha", I am saying all-inclusive truths, all-inclusive facts. I command my disciples, you will not exclude even in future the different various stages of Advaitha. You will not exclude them or fight with them. You will remember them, all of that is various stages of Advaitha. So, listen! No philosophy, no law, whether it is based on Communism, Maoism, Marxism, Anarchism, Hippism, Capitalism, Corporatism, Democracy, Secularism, whatever "ism" it may be, all "isms" bind man, including the man who made it, understand? Only the principle of Advaitha, this is the only law of life which liberates even the man who practices it, understand? All the laws and "isms" bind even the man who made it. Practice it...come on...over! It is life-imprisonment only, because it is not based on fact; it is based on vested interests. Please understand, there is a vested interest! All Constitutions are made, all the forefathers of all Constitutions had something as ulterior motive -- may be the country's infrastructure should grow end of the day -- some motive they had, some ulterior motive. But the visionaries of Advaitha, the Smritikaras of Sanatana Dharma, Manu, even Daksha...! Please understand, you should never under-estimate Daksha just because of his notion about Mahadeva and just because he fought with Mahadeva for some period. Actually, after he transformed, he lived for quite a long time in Varanasi, meditating on Mahadeva as a devotee of Mahadeva! So, even Daksha Prajapati, all their Smritis if you see, Yajnavalkya, Manu, the Smritis they compiled, the Dhamma, the Dharma which was developed by these great visionaries, please listen, these visionaries did not have any vested interests, including the idea of creating a large, huge infrastructure where their descendants will sing their glory continuously! No! They never had any vested interests. They only know, 'Let's make the understandings about the fact as practical as possible and as simple as possible. That's all!

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