Advaita: Live like God on Earth

April 8, 2014


In today's (08-April- 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals that many extraordinary powers express through us when we use Advaita for our internal strategy planning, making the science of Advaita as a necessity for our life. Ancient Hindu scriptures clearly illustrate how people were able to access the science of flying -- Mani, Mantra and Aushata -- using the Advaitic connection with air energy. Through the science of Advaita, we can live like a God on Earth! TRANSCRIPTIONS:- When you are liberated from the clutches of the root pattern, automatically the truth fills your decision-making and strategy-planning. Please understand, a building is built out of stone and cement. As an intruder if a tree has grown on that wall, when you remove the tree, automatically the stones adjust themselves and fill the gap. Please understand, you don't need to do anything special, separate, to fill the gap. When you remove the root patterns, automatically your every-day strategy, thinking, experience, life, everything becomes simply based on Advaitha. Listen! I am not promoting anything superstitious. I wanted to tell you an important truth. Advaitha, when it is made as a strategy-planning for your internalizing and inner cognition, it makes you express extraordinary powers. Please understand, the last few days, I was spending time in Kashi, having vacation, my spiritual vacation. The old Kashi, the original Kashi is called "Avimuktha Kshetra" -- "never given up", "never forsaken". The people who live there, and that place, both are never forsaken, never given up. Mahadeva himself declares, 'I will hold these people, protect them, even during Pralaya (great deluge). Even when the whole world is destroyed during the great deluge, I will hold these guys in the tip of my trishula.' That is why, even Shankara, understand, even Shankara, when he made the mathas (monasteries), for the North -- Uttaramnaya, East -- Poorvamnaya, West -- Paschimamnaya and South -- Dakshinamnaya, after establishing everything, he himself retired in Kanchi -- Moolamnaya. So, as per the tradition, all the Shankaracharyas, after they appoint their own successors, they should retire. In Hinduism, even the Peethadhipathis are supposed to retire once you appoint the successors. So, Shankara very clearly declares that Kashi is a "Urdhvamnaya". Kashi cannot come under any Shankaracharya. He says, 'Kashi Urdhvamnaya". Mahadeva again and again and again himself happens and he will be present here as Acharya. So, no separate Shankaracharya. Urdhvamnaya! I was seeing, Mahadeva himself promises that the whole place, in the tip of his trishul he will hold it up. Because he promised to hold them on the tip of his trishul and save and protect them, it is called "Urdhvamnaya". I was actually seeing, that city, if you understand, it is most fascinating; if not, most Bidadi! If you understand, the most fascinating; if not, most frustrating! Understand? Exactly like Bidadi! Small-small "gullys", small-small streets, only two-and-a-half feet, three feet! The Varanasi streets are very famous. (Varanasi and Benares are different names of Kashi). I was reading in the books, the city was designed and built in the days when not even bullock-carts were invented! But I am not going to believe that! No! You may ask why such small, narrow streets? Please understand, Kalabhairava revealed to me, it is not a street, it was a drainage! There was no street, because, in that city, you can live there only if you can fly! You can live in that area only if you have mastered the science of flying, levitation! Now where we are walking is a drainage; it is not a street! The flying was done in those days in three ways: Mani, Mantra, Oushadha. "Mani" means, the technology: You will have your own small flying machines, or even larger ones like the Pushpaka Vimana. That is "Mani". Next, "Mantra": You have mastered the science of Pranayama. Just by balancing the breathing flow, you pump in so much of Samana energy into you. It will raise your body and move! "Oushadha": There are special herbs. You just hold them under your tongue; the prana which goes inside will just stay in your body and it will just become weightless and rise and you can move! So, Mani, Mantra, Oushadha. Through these three, any one method, you should be able to fly. Mani is already there in the Vedic Tradition, in the Vaimaanika Shaastra. It describes clearly the different flying machines -- from one man's private flying machine to machines in which around five-thousand people can fly! The machines are clearly described. I am very serious about reviving all these!

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