Advaita makes you Powerful

April 15, 2014


In today's (15th April, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains the power of the Teamily. The Teamily is there, surrounding us, to act as the guru, and to remind us of our highest potential. The Teamily mirrors our incompletions, showing us what areas we need to work on. In this loving, caring environment, we are safe to work on our own non-trusting attitude, which blocks the Advaitic experience from happening in us. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I will expand on Advaitha, Advaitha Sathya, Living Enlightenment. Please understand, when you have described your identity, when you describe consciously how you want to be and ask your teamily to support you, give you the input, what all the incompletions you may have to complete, and after the teamily gives the input if you also work with it and complete all the incompletions you are carrying. Please understand, I am giving you some of the examples so that you can be very practical and very precise. Please listen, I will give you some of the most practical hints. See, for example, if you want always people should perceive you as a loving, caring, joyful being, the first thing you need to complete is, you may be having a deep non-trusting attitude. Listen! In the heart if you carry the non-trusting attitude, naturally, neither you will be comfortable with people, nor people will be comfortable with you. So, first thing you need to do is completing with the non-trusting attitude and building up the ability to trust. May be, if you tell your whole teamily that this is where you need to do Completion, your whole teamily will be constantly reminding you. Teamily is nothing but the embodiment of Guru surrounding you from all corners. Listen! Teamily is nothing but embodiment of Guru surrounding you from all corners, constantly reminding you. If you always want to be perceived as a loving, caring, blissful being, you have a deep incompletion about trusting others, if you tell this to everyone, share this with your whole teamily, your whole teamily will be constantly helping you to separate and see your insecurity and the real, actual threat possibility. Many times, if the threat possibility is even very small, because of your insecurity you cannot trust, your teamily can constantly help you to separate these two. And, I tell you, only when you separate these two, you make a successful right strategy even for your security. When you are constantly agitated about the cockroach, you allow the scorpion in your bed! Because, constantly, you are frightened about the cockroach, you are too busy in protecting you from the cockroach, you allow the cobra and scorpion in your bed! They both are sitting there to receive you! When you separate the real possibility of threat and your incompletion, insecurity superimposed, these two separate, listen, listen, only then, only then even the security will be better. The whole teamily will help you, support you, constantly remind you. That is why the teamily. But, I am very clear, I don't want anybody other than your teamily to know your incompletions. An onlooker or a person on the street can exploit you constantly. I don't want that. The teamily should be a loving space for you to grow. I tell you, some of the best moments of my life was when I was serving Arunagiri Yogishwara, Raghupathi Yogi, and a great sadhu in Ramakrishna Mission, Swami Gautamananda. Of course, Swami Gautamananda will never even imagine I will still be carrying so much of love and reverence and respect for him in my heart, but, the time I served him, I got an insider's view of a powerful sadhu's life. Understand, he was not an ordinary sannyasi of the Ramakrishna Order; he was one of the Trustees. Ramakrishna Mission has only eleven Trustees, and he was one, and a senior Trustee. I think he now even gives initiation. In Ramakrishna Mission, only one or two people are allowed to give initiation in the whole Order. He is one of the two-three who give initiation, Mantra Deeksha. So, such a top-level sadhu. When I had the possibility to see his life very closely....Wow! I tell you, the amount of integrity and purity with the whole day spent, the amount of integrity and purity used even to take administrative decisions of the organization, not just the personal decisions, even the administrative decisions of the organization! I tell you, as long as we remain pure, we retain our integrity even in our administrative decisions, we will continue to exist. Please understand, Hinduism never existed based on the definitions of the West, but we existed in our own way and will continue to exist in our own way.

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