Advaita makes your enemy powerless

May 26, 2014


In today's (24th May, 2014) morning satsang from Varanasi, Paramahamsa Nithyananda expanded on Living Advaitha; specifically how Advaitha can be a crisis management strategy. He pointed out that each of us is fighting our own Mahabharat war and when we are in a state of completion our anxiety is reduced and we can see who really wants to fight and who has been influenced by induced enmity. This understanding is arrived at by deep contemplation and always being in a state of non violence. TRANSCRIPTS:- Today I wanted to expand on Living Advaitha. Advaitha! See, many saints, sadhus, have spoken on practical Advaitha, practical Vedanta, how to apply Advaitha in your market-place, in your business, in your day-to-day life, in your family relationships. But I am going to expand on how Advaitha can be a war strategy, how it can be a crisis management strategy, because I used it! I won all the wars I waged, all the wars! Please understand, I did not enter into any war, but when I am forced to wage, I waged all the wars and handled all the critical situations, everything just through the power of Advaitha, the non-duality, non-dual experience. The war brought me only success. It has proved the power of the non-dual philosophy, Advaitha. I tell you, all of you are going through some Kurukshetra. You are fighting your own Mahabharata. You are fighting your own Mahabharata. You are fighting with your own Duryodhana, Karna, Bhishma, Drona. If I share how Advaitha is such a successful power strategy, it will really be helpful for all of you to use Advaitha as a powerful strategy in your Mahabharata, in your life war. First thing, listen, Advaitha reduces..... Living in the space of Advaitha, having liberated thinking, kind of a constantly completing with yourself and others, this constant Completion does two things to you immediately: One, it reduces your anxiety level. Second, because of the clarity it brings, it helps you to identify really the people who want to fight with you, not just the people who come in the crowd, understand. Many times, just because a large crowd is going, you also go without knowing where that crowd is going. That happens in life. When ten-twenty people are fighting with you, they will create a scene as if the whole world is against you, and it will also appear as if so many people will join those ten-twenty people. If you are in anxiety, you will start throwing weapons on all the thousands of people. But if you carry the space of Completion, you will see that just in two-three days, the two-thousand people drop off. The group which joined for curiosity sake will drop. People really who want to be destroyed only will be opposing you. Please understand, if I have to put it in very simple words, without finding solution just if you sleep off, postponing the problems, eighty percent of the problems will die! Understand, the statement I am making, you will never expect this statement from my mouth. I am saying, without bothering to find solution, if you just brush them aside and sleep off, fall asleep, eighty percent of your problems and enemies will disappear, because they don't have individual enmity towards you, it is excited enmity towards you. 'Because ten people are attacking this fellow, why not let me also throw a stone on him? May be he is evil, really, really evil!' Most of the stupid fellows who were abusing Hitler -- no, I am not supporting Hitler -- who attacked Hitler, have no brains. In the name of Hitler, in the modern day, many demons and devils are saving themselves by diverting your attention towards Hitler. What about each American President in the modern day who killed thousands and thousands of people, if not lakhs? What about all these oil wars? Hitler was used, is still being used to divert your attention from all the modern-day devils and demons. I am not saying about one person or one country; in every country the way things are happening, in every place the way things are happening! So, if you are just hating Hitler because everyone hates, it is "infused enmity". Please understand, if you start fighting with people who have "infused enmity" towards you, you will be wasting your resources and energy; you are a fool! Wait! Just fall asleep. When a tornado comes, don't think your crowbar is a great powerful weapon, and don't go and try to roll your crowbar and say, 'I will fight with you tornado!' No! Your crowbar and shield will never be a protection when a tornado comes. Just go underground and sleep it off!

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