Advaita - Technique for Miracles

April 27, 2014


In today's (27th April, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda gave the gist of the whole Living Advaitha Practice. He reassured us that there are thousands of ways to Advaitha and advised us not to worry about the path; Advaitha is the goal. Then he explained in detail the steps he had taken us through of forming the teamily, deciding to live in a state of completion; forming our Authentic Identity, getting feedback from the teamily and completing. TRANSCRIPTS:- First -- listen -- to achieve the Advaithic experience, there are thousands of methods. I can say, all methods reach you there only. It can be as simple as pouring water on a stone, to as deep as finding your source of thoughts. It can be as simple as this, and as difficult as that. Sometimes, I can say, finding the source of thought is too simple than remembering the right context and pouring water on a stone. HAHAHAHAHA! Anyhow....! Whether you start with this or with that, always you end up in Advaitha. That is the goal! That is the goal! So, don't worry what path you do. Advaitha is the goal. But I want to tell you one thing! Please listen! This practice which I am leading all of you, the Teamily practice for living Advaitha, it makes you experience Advaitha in all its dimensions. Please understand, you get not just the oneness experience, the non-dual..... Again I apologize. "Non-dual" cannot be translated as "oneness". Because there is no other word, I am using the word "oneness". The non-dual experience, this process of Teamily, Living Advaitha, not only leads you to the non-dual experience, it also makes you experience the best things of life like health, wealth, beautiful relationships, Completion in your every moment, above all the extraordinary miracle powers! Listen! Please listen! There are tons of methods to achieve Advaitha. For example, Zen. Zen also leads you to Advaitha, but in a very dry way. You just sit and stare at a wall for ten years in Zen; you will achieve Advaitha. True....but ten years! So, there are many paths which lead you to Advaitha. There are many ideas which lead you to Advaitha. Even Shaiva Siddhanta leads you to Advaitha. I know, by making this statement, I will agitate many people who don't know anything about Shaiva Siddhanta, and claim themselves as Shaiva Siddhantis! Whether it is Kashmiri Shaivism, or Shaiva Siddhanta, or the Veera Shaivism, or Dwaitha, Visisthadvaitha, whatever may be the philosophy or the means, methodology, you may call it, finally, everything leads to Advaitha, everything leads to Advaithic experience. So, please understand, but because of the time the process takes, during the process the different powers it awakens, based on that, the processes can be classified as 1st level, 2nd level, 3rd level, 4th level, like that. I tell you, I have travelled almost all alive paths for enlightenment! Please understand, not just through one or two, I have consciously scanned, went through, researched, almost all the paths still alive and available on the Planet Earth! I am telling you, I have put the best of everything and created this Teamily process. And my own experience, it is like I myself defeat my own achievements! First what I contributed, the Science of Chakras; then the Science of Unclutching; then the Science of Completion. I myself expand, or, I can say, lead you to the essence. That is the reason I am telling you, the process of Teamily, this Teamily process, living Advaitha, Teamily Process, living Advaitha, not just it awakens the experience of non-duality in you in a very short time, it also awakens the extraordinary powers in you! I tell you, there is nothing wrong in living and having extraordinary powers. These fools who cannot handle a little responsibility of money, a little responsibility of name and fame, recognition, because of their fear pattern, they hate powers also. Listen! Stopping with powers is something seriously wrong, but hating powers is also some deep incompletion. You neither need to stop nor need to hate. Hating, again, is incompletion. I will demonstrate through my Gurukul kids how the power and non-dual experience so beautifully go hand in hand without any fear or incompletion. I am so happy, in twenty-four hours my kids came back to Advaithic space and made the heavens shower! Yesterday I told them, 'One day no school!' See, in the regular schools and colleges, if there is some fight among the kids, if they beat each other in groups, or throw stones at each others in groups, they give one day holiday. In our school, if our kids miss the Advaithic space, I stop school one day. One day I told, 'Shut down the classes. No class today.

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