Advaita the ultimate crisis management principle

May 26, 2014


In today's (26th May, 2014) morning satsang of Paramahamsa Nithyananda from Varanasi, Paramahamsa Nithyananda expanded on how Living Advaitha can be used for crisis management. He explained in detail how we mess up our lives and then deny that there is anything wrong. So first we must understand that there is a crisis. Then he explained how we need to Look In and listen; and then intranalyse,which melts down the problem. Then only we can radiate the joy, power ,clarity and energy of Advaitha. TRANSCRIPTS:- Today I will continue to expand on how Living Advaitha can be used as a crisis management principle in life. First of all, all of us have to wake up to the truth, the stark reality, you are in crisis whether you are managing or not. You are in crisis....the way your body is behaving towards you, the way your mind is behaving towards you. Come on! Let us come to the truth! Let us come to the stark reality! The way your mind is behaving towards you, the way your body is behaving towards you, the way you are responding to the world, the way..... Please understand, I am not even talking about the past mess-up each one of us created in our life. I am talking about the pattern of creating mess-up which we carry and with which we are playing with our life. See very clearly wherever you go, whether it is a new job or new relationship or new house or new career, new entertainment, new time-pass. I have seen people becoming members in trekking groups, trekking clubs. They start trekking on human-beings in a few days! In the group their life is a mess and they stop trekking, join the swimming group. In a few days they finish fishing out everyone in the swimming club! Then they go to some temple, Hindu temple. In one month they have done "puja" to everybody in the Hindu temple! Puja to everybody in the Hindu temple is over! Now come on, drop the Hindu temple...go to the Seventh Day Adventists Church! Please listen, we go on changing places, friends, situations, because in six months we create such a big mess. For some people six months is too much time; in six weeks! If you are excellent, in six days! Excellent in creating mess! Six months or six weeks or six days! The way you create the mess you yourself cannot enter into the place again. Same way, with relationships. Please be very clear, just because you are living together, don't think you are in a relationship! In six months, the incompletion, the load of incompletions become so much, other than love, every other compulsion, reason, is there for you to live together. Society, parents, kids, grand-kids, grandparents, all of them are pressurising you and your relationship is held together. Please listen! Please understand, when the incompletions are built and there is no relationship between you two, when family holds you together, society is holding you together, that is not called relationship. So, you need to know the way your body responds to you, you respond to your body, the way your mind responds to you, you respond to your mind, the way you mess-up your continuously life again and again. The first stark reality you need to wake up to is you are in a crisis. Just because you are not able to manage, don't forget the crisis. The first step: knowing that there is a crisis. Second step: Agitation cannot help you to get out of the crisis........ (lost audio at this point......) I am going to die in a few days or few hours. Listen! It can be as simple as a small leg pain, failure in life, failure of life itself. But all the level problems (problems at all levels) are nothing but the expressions of your internal conflicts. I wanted you to know I am not at all insensitive to your problems. Don't think I am disrespecting your sufferings. I myself have suffered. Whatever you call as problem, I went through everything. With that sensitivity and sincerity I am telling you, I am not the guy who is sitting somewhere in some remote caves of the Himalayas, not at all connected to the society, human minds, and the problems it creates for itself and for others. I am not that kind of a person talking to you about life, who escaped from life. No! Whatever you can imagine and not imagine, I have gone through everything. With that rich experience, with the strength which came from that experience, I am talking to you. I am talking to you from that rich experience which happened in me after facing all the problems from the depth of Advaitha. Please understand, having all the weapons to handle life is one thing, and used all the weapons in crisis management and having the experience to use all the weapons is totally different.

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