Advaitic Activism

June 3, 2014


In today's (28th May, 2014) Morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda introduced a new word; Advaithic Activism which is being active from the context of completion. He told how to work with your teamily which is a known component of you to understand and become aware of tiredness, boredom and non co-operation. Then he explained how to use Deep Sleep and Morning Freshness as a scale to measure our completion and possibility. Nirahara and completion for 21 days will put you back into Advaithic Activisim. TRANSCRIPTS:- Today I wanted to introduce a new word which is going to play a very major role in our Sangha and in our vocabulary -- "ADVAITHIC ACTIVISM". I can define Advaithic Activism as my religion, understand? You may or may not be excited when you hear this word for the first time, but when I use it again and again, when you understand the meaning, you will understand. Advaithic Activism! Please understand, let me define "Activism". Whenever you drop your impossibility and radiate possibility, you are "active". Whenever you drop impossibility and be active, whenever you radiate possibility, you are "active". Please understand, whenever you forget the concept of impossibility, radiate possibility, you become "active" in that. Listen! Why sometimes you become active? Why sometimes you are not active? Why sometimes suddenly you have so much of possibility in you? Why sometimes you don't have possibility, you are feeling all the time impossibility? Why in some things you feel possible? Why sometimes with some things you feel impossible? Understand, the question is not at all whether you are able or unable, the question is all about whether you feel possible or impossible, that's all. Understand, the question is not at all your feeling about whether you are able or unable, the question is all about whether you feel possible or impossible. If you don't know why you feel impossible and why you feel possible, your possibility is completely confused, you are "Shudra", the fourth Varna. For money, suddenly everything becomes possible for you! The moment you hear "money, money, honey" everything becomes possible for you -- 'Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes' -- then you are "Vaishya". Power, name and fame, reward, the moment that carrot of power, name and fame, reward is dangled in front of you and you get into the space of "possible, possible, possible, possible, possible", you are a "Kshatriya". Knowledge, inspiration, the moment you see that probability and everything becomes possible for you, you are a "Brahmana". Always you experience possibility, simply you carry the space of possibility, you are a "Paramahamsa", enlightened! Listen! If you are confused -- "Why?" -- when the concept of possibility comes to you, you are Shudhra. Because, if you are confused, ninety percent of your time will be destroyed, wasted just with impossibility. I had an amazing experience when I tried to make seventeen Kotharis in my San Jose temple. Some of the so-called senior devotees, the moment I started telling them, 'Hey, become Kotharis. Take up responsibility.', their response was, 'gasp...gasp...gasp....', as if they have been put inside water! And most of them are successful in their lives; it means either money or power has made them tell 'possible', understand? Most of the NRIs (Non-Resident Indians), money has made you tell 'possible'; you are "Vaishya". Most of the RNIs (Resident Non-Indians), power made you tell, 'Yes'; you are a "Kshatriya". I can give you some general classifications, but, of course, there are always exceptions. But, listen, just if money or name and fame, power, only that is able to make you feel possible, you are "consciously handicapped". I tell you, whatever makes you say, 'Yes', that only will make your team also say 'Yes', because you will attract the team exactly like you.....including me! My multi-dimension only attracts people. See, all the people around me are completely confused. Before you become multi-dimensional, you will be thoroughly confused, which I myself went through....which I myself went through. It is usual. But you should have the guts to go through! If you drop out, nothing can be done. Listen! Some of the important truths I wanted to tell you. Whether you are an engineer, lawyer, doctor, IT professional, whatever may be your lifestyle, your career, your teamily is extension of you. Your teamily is extension of you. Your teamily is unknown component of you. This is the message to all the Mahants and Shrimahants and team leaders in the society, Kotharis, for you. If you are not able to make any one of the teamily members as part of your Advaithic space

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