AIRE is Romancing with Life!

September 19, 2013


Today Paramahamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji) talked about the benefits of living the 4 Tattvas. He explained that our suffering is the fight between the Frozen You and the natural Flow of Life. The 4 Tattvas are the only settlement in that war...the cease fire agreement and the ongoing peace agreements. Integrity is the pranayama that balances the whole body and gives courage to your thinking.Integrity frees you from the fear of thinking and frees you to create a space in which you can iron out your thinking and think through to the logical conclusion on any issue. When you bring authenticity to your actions you become active. most of us have deep incompletions about being active that are from being suppressed as a child by adults who simply could not handle the natural high activity of a child. Authenticity happens in you when you complete with these in completions about being active. The agni will be awakened in you and your whole body and skin will shine. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today I will expand on "THE RESULTS AND BENEFITS OF BRINGING THESE FOUR TATTWAS INTO YOUR BEING", internalizing all the four tattwas, what it can cause to you. Please understand! Come to the space of listening! I am defining "suffering". Suffering is nothing but "the fight between the frozen part of you and the flowing component of life." Please listen! Suffering is nothing but the fight between the frozen part of you and the flowing component of life. Life by its very nature is alive, active, flowing. But, your logic by its very nature is frozen, cold, insensitive. And, do you know a very funny thing? Your logic will be insensitive to life, but it will always make you believe life is insensitive to you! Alright! It is the truth. Okay. Part of us is frozen and that fights with life, and so the suffering happens. That fight is the suffering. What is the way to get out of this suffering? What is the way to end the war? Every war will end only with an agreement, with a settlement, with a pact, settlement-agreement. I tell you, the only settlement-agreement which can end the war in your life are the four principles: Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching. Please listen! Listen! Listen sincerely! Listen in the space of listening! When you bring Integrity in your thinking, Authenticity in your actions, Responsibility in your being, Enriching in your life, your frozen inside melts down, starts becoming one with life. It becomes a part of life. Becoming part of life is what I call "Enlightenment". Just becoming part of life is what I call "Enlightenment". Sometimes people tell me, 'I don't want spiritual life. I don't want these four tattwas.' It is like telling, 'I don't want to breathe. I don't want blood circulation.' Then what to do? You need to understand that there is no such thing as "spiritual life" and "normal life". Life is life is a life is a life! Life is a life is a life is a life! Please listen! When it is frozen and carries lot of suffering in body and mind, you can call that as a normal life. When lot of your frozen components melt down and you are able to flow with life beautifully, I tell you, if you have the frozen part of you only to the level of "boat", that is okay. The boat can float on the river of life. But when the frozen part becomes one-third of the river, the river itself is blocked in you! Understand, an ice-bar can be floating on the river; nothing wrong. Even if you have a little resistance only to the level of ice-bar, ice-cube, you can float on the river. But, if your resistance is like a frozen river, the river itself is a block! I have seen, sometimes this huge frozen ice becomes even a barrier for the river to flow; seventy-five percent of the water will be stuck; only ten-twenty-five percent of the water goes beyond that ice-cube, iceberg. If your life is frozen to that level, then even life cannot happen through you. So, the first thing you need is the four tattwas. It is the simple principles like breathing and eating. Mix Integrity with your breathing, Authenticity with your eating, Responsibility with your blood circulation, Enriching with your actions. Understand, all four are directly connected. When you start thinking with Integrity, your breathing will become beautiful and best. That is the best pranayama you can do. Thinking with Integrity is the best pranayama! That is the result of all pranayamas! What is pranayama? Some part of you does not get enough of oxygen. Your brain needs to get a certain level of oxygen. Your heart needs to get a certain level of oxygen. Your blood circulation needs to carry certain levels of oxygen to all parts of your body. Your body getting proper oxygen supply is the purpose of pranayama. The purpose of pranayama is achieved if your whole body gets enough supply of oxygen. I have seen some people: only the brain gets oxygen; the heart doesn't get oxygen. Any other component, any other part of their body doesn't get oxygen!

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