November 12, 2012


In today's morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji) reads the Akashic Records o the subject of Death. Death is evolution. When we have many deaths of the mind within the same body, we evolve into enlightenment. When we have many bodily deaths with the same mind, we are moving backward on the evolutionary scale, and falling into endarkenment. Death is our doorway to liberation. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Death is not end or extinction, extinction of existence. It is just climate change on your body and mind. Whenever many deaths of mind happens in same body, it is spiritual evolution. If many bodies die in the same mind, it is unconsciousness, spiritual endarkenment. If more minds die in same body you are spiritually growing, evolving. If more bodies die in same mind you are spiritually going down, destroying yourself. Again and again and again bodies die, minds die. Blessed are those in whom many minds die in one body. Continuously allow minds to be dying. Let your mind, even if you think in a best space, allow it to die, allow it for transformation. Allowing the mind to die every time in the same body leads you to the highest liberation and celebration. The concept of money, possession, ownership, is the side effect of inability to accept the death of the body. The feeling of 'your son is your extension' is also the inability to accept the extinction of body. When you are ready to accept the extinction of the body, the part of you which does not die goes through a powerful transformation, and liberates itself from the dying component of you, which is the body. Through this way it achieves a space where there is no extinction where there is no death. Death is the most powerful mechanism, either to get enlightened or to get yourself drowned in deeper and deeper unconsciousness. Every day when you fall asleep it is equivalent to death, when you wake up it is equivalent to birth. From the deep sleep if you come to the dreaming state it is unconscious birth. From the deep sleep if you come directly to the waking state it is conscious birth. Every day you go through birth and death. How you behave with this birth and death which is happening everyday is going to decide how you are going to behave with the birth and death which is going to happen with your body, because everyday birth and death is nothing but the direct glimpse of the long big birth and big death, which is only has a difference in time, but not in space or the place. Your everyday birth and death and every-life birth and death happens in same space and place. Only time difference between one birth and the other birth, the time difference between birth-death of one and the birth-death of the other is different. There are some files which is not able to completely be revealed just by verbalization. Even after reading, verbalization, still those files remain having some material without being completely revealed. Those stuff, those material, can be transmitted only by initiation. Because those akashic records cannot get into the realm of verbalization, they are not able to be translated into words. They just continue to remain as vibrations. When your mind dies in the same body and becomes a new mind, cosmos enters into you. When your body dies in the same mind, takes a new body, you enter into the cosmos. When cosmos enters you it is liberation, when you enter into the cosmos it is death. The part feels as part, the moment it wants to be part; part only should be blamed not the Whole, because part only continues to hold on to the thought to be part. Whole is not holding on to the thought. Even though the thought might have happened on the Whole also, only when you hold on to the thought you remain as part. So the feeling of separation, who created, why created, is not the really focus of your vengeance or action. Your focus should be on who is holding on to that feeling of separation, not who created, why it got created. Who holds on to it, gives life to it. The feeling of separation, because the part only is holding on to it, it is giving life to it. So your action and intensity to act upon should be directed to the center who is holding on to that feeling that you are separate from the Whole, you are part not the Whole. Questions and Answers The first question is from Janani. She is asking, 'Dear Swamiji, if one has taken an unconscious birth, how can he take a conscious death?' That is what is life. Life gives you the possibility to move from Unconsciousness to Consciousness and Consciousness to Superconsciousness. If you take unconscious birth you can move to conscious death. If you have taken conscious birth you can move towards superconscious death which is enlightenment itself, and even if you take unconscious birth you can directly jump into superconscious death also, and same way even if you have taken conscious birth you can get back to Unconscious death if you decide strongly.

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