Akashic Readings on Death - Part 3

November 20, 2012


Reading from the Akashic Records, Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals eternal timeless truths about Kundalini, the dormant energy stored in every living being. Once activated through initiation by an enlightened master, this energy leads to extraordinary experiences and enlightened lifestyle. The landmark date of 2012 heralds the possibility for the awakening of this energy in every human being. Nithyananda answers questions from seekers worldwide on how to nourish the flowering of Kundalini; practices to support it, signs of its occurrence, and how the master's presence enhances it. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Namah Shivaya Namah Shivaya Namah Shivaya Death is guru and god, not oblivion as perceived by body centered individuals. Death is a boiling process. Whenever your engrams, desires, fear, greed, everything is boiled in the high energy, there is a possibility your desires can become reality, your fears can be conquered. You can be free from both desire and fear if you are ready courageous enough to face the process with consciousness. Understand, during the death your desires come in front of you just to make you understand the disillusionment which can be caused by their presence. Fears come in front of you make you understand they cannot frighten you anymore. But if you do not have the awareness to look into them you get deluded by them. Even while they come to reveal the truths about them, it is like mistaking a friend to be a enemy, and before even the friend expresses his friendliness, you thinking he is enemy and dealing him with a different attitude. So when the desires and fears come in front of you during the moment of death, have patience and restful awareness to look into them. They are coming in front of you just to tell you their disillusionment and their ability that they can't frighten you anymore. By not looking at them with a deep restful awareness, those desires are given a wrong extension of life by your unaware unconscious mind. When the desires are given a wrong extension of life, what you experience is heaven. When the fears are given the wrong extension of life, what you experience is hell. With restful awareness when you deal both of them what you experience is liberation. Death can be a great guru to liberate you and god to give you the ultimate. Having restful awareness in every moments of your life during the great attacks of fear and greed while you are in the body is the best way to prepare for the death, and ability to handle your fears and greeds which you may encounter while you leave the body. Moment of the leaving the body is of great importance. That moment will decide the way you are going to continue your further journey. So prepare yourself with restful awareness, continuously being a jeevanmukta, practicing living enlightenment, being established in restful awareness, during all the chaos or the tsunamis of fear and greed attacks in your life. While you are in the body in unconscious way without having awareness, perception on death before dying or during dying can bring tremendous suffering and can bring a big damage to the conscious evolution process which is termed as nivritti in the upanishadic records. So understand moving consciously into the death process liberates you from the fear and greed. Every moment in your life when you go through the fear or greed, the small dimension of death is perceived and experienced by your restless consciousness. Bring restful awareness; you will have complete depth in handling the fear and greed with restful awareness, so it can liberate you. As these truths are apourushya and saarvabhoumya, not dependent on any individual, including the body through which it is read out, and saarvabhoumya - universal, anybody who internalizes this truth, aligns their conscious process of cognizance based on these truths, will be liberated and will celebrate their very existence by the grace of the Kalabhairava Mahaakaala, the Cosmos itself. QUESTIONS & ANSWERS The first question today is from Ma Nithya Priyatmananda, who is asking, 'Dear Kalabhairava, what are the steps of the death meditation that we need to do every night? Kindly explain.' Every fear you accumulate, every fear makes you feel agitated, every fear which you do not want to think, remember, go through, go into all those fears consciously, neither deciding to save yourself from that fear nor having greed to achieve what you are afraid of. So without having the greed or fear, enter into the fear. Naturally the fear will lose its quality of fear when you do not carry fear or greed for the fear. Greed has its quality of greed because your greed for greed and fear about the greed. Same way the fear has the quality of fear because your fear for the fear and indirect greed towards the fear. So when your fears are approached with fearlessness and greedlessness, the straightening out of your consciousness everyday happens.......

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