Akashic Readings on Death - part 4

November 24, 2012


TALKS FROM MORNING SATSANG ON _OCTOBER 1, 2012_AT BIDADI ASHRAM, INDIA In today's morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji) reads the Akashic Records on the subject of death. When people confuse their wealth, name and fame, physical body, or any other material acquisition, with their true Self, they live a life of delusion. Death is the great liberator from this existential trap. Until human beings understand that their possessions are not part of their identity, they will continue to require the death experience to remind them of this great truth. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Illusioned, expanded, identity possession is life. Life in a deluded way possesses and the possession itself is felt as its own identity because of illusion. When life feels it possesses the body and lands up in a delusion it is the body, it is life. When it feels it possesses wealth and wealth is part of its identity, it is deluded life. Same way when it feels name and fame, rewards and awards it possesses, and the possession itself becomes part of its identity, it is deluded life. Life goes on getting deluded with so many things, with the concept of possession, and in the deeper delusion the possession itself becomes part of its identity. Death comes as a great celebration and liberation as deluded unnecessary illusion and illusory identities. It's a great relief whenever part of you, what you think as you, is taken away from you. The truth - which was, it was never, it were never part of you is reminded to you. Understand when money is taken away from you, when you feel the pain that some part of your identity is dying, it is a lesson to you it was never part of you. It was your possession which has deluded and given you the illusory identity it was part of you. When the name and fame is taken away from you, you are reminded to the truth it was never part of you. It was your possession, but due to delusion you identified that as part of your very identity. Same way, when you are reminded the body on which your multiple identities continue to grow, the brain on which the perception of your multiple identities are experienced by you; when that is taken away from you, the very ground on which your multiple possessions and the possibility of that possessions giving that delusive feeling you are part of those possessions and those possessions are your identity, is taken away from you. A being should constantly remind itself not to identify with any possession. Not having possessions and not identifying with the possessions is the path of renunciation. Even having the possessions but having the clarity the possessions are not part of your identity is path of grihastha. Whether you take up the path of grihastha through the responsibility and having the wealth and everything or the path of renunciation without having possessions itself, the important truth you need to remember is not letting anything become part of your illusory deluded identity. Whether you have possessions or not does not matter; that should not become part of your identity which is already deluded. When the source gets deluded by identifying itself by the, on the body, body itself is your possession. But, when you identify the possession of your body as your identity, the delusion of the identity begins. When the delusion of identity starts it leads to multiple identities, like identifying yourself with your wealth, with your name and fame, with all other possessions. Death is a reminder, a powerful guru to make your being understand all this was never part of you; these were never part of your illusory or deluded understanding. So relax from the illusion of identifying your possessions as your identity. Possessions are possessions. They are not your identity. Identity should be experienced beyond anything you possess. Possessed does not comprise or compete or fulfill or lead the experience of the true identity. Sometimes your own possessions try to compete your identity. The possessions competing your original identity is disease. When your body competes with your original identity, the competition is disease; when your mind competes with your original identity that is depression. When your possessions competes with your original identity - the possessions themself do not have independent life but the life received from the source identity - your possessions start competing with a source identity. That competition is perversion. So death clearly neatly irons out your inner space. It makes you understand many things which were never part of your identity but you assumed as part of your identity because of your experiencing possession of those things. Anything which does not say no to you continuously, you feels, you feel as possession. Unfortunately because they do not have any will to say no to you, your will possesses it. When your will possesses something it gets into the delusion that is part of you....

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