Align to Your Highest Identity

April 13, 2014


In today's (13th April, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda emphasizes the importance of Authenticity. We are not defined by our birth or our wealth but instead by how much we are aligned to Authenticity. We are responsible for the perceptions we have about the world, how we project ourselves to others, how others view us and what we think about ourselves. The process of living in Advaita is to define and work to align the highest qualities we want in our lives to these four identities. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I will expand on the power of Authenticity. Please listen! It is Authenticity which makes you a man. Neither the birth nor the growth of your body, or the growth of your wealth makes you a man. It is Authenticity which makes you a man. Please listen! All suffering, all suffering -- when I say "all", I mean capital letters "A-L-L" -- all suffering is because you forget your identity again and again and again. All the good things are showered on you when you become authentic. Again and again aligning yourself to Authenticity is "Tapas". From yesterday, so many participants of Living Advaitha process, participants of Living Advaitha process have started posting in Facebook about their inner-image, outer-image, others-image and life-image. Please listen! "Inner-image" is the idea you carry about yourself inside you. "Outer-image" is the way you project yourself. And "others-image" is how others perceive you, for which you are responsible. "Life-image" is how you perceive others and life. Please listen! Inner-image....inner-image is the idea you carry about yourself. Outer-image is the way you project you to others. Life-image is how you perceive about others and life. Others-image is how others perceive you, for which you are responsible. Please listen! So many participants who are participating in the Living Advaitha process, the teamily process through Facebook, have posted. I wanted you to understand this one thing: When you are putting your inner-image and outer-image, don't try to describe in just one word. Some of you have described it as "Shivoham", "Shivoham", "Shivoham", "Shivoham" for all the four! Understand, what do you know about Shiva? Describe the inner-image, inner-image you wanted to have. Even if you defined it overall under the title "Shivoham", describe what you understand as "Shivoham", because now whatever you describe as your inner-image, anything other than that if it is sitting inside you, it has to be completed and dropped. So, the article title can be "Shivoham", but the article has to be written in a detailed way. When you write inner image = Shivoham, describe the detailed qualities, what do you think as Shiva? Please listen! You will not know Shiva as on now, but at least pen down what you think as Shiva; let us complete all the incompletions other than your perception of Shiva. For example, if you perceive Shiva as all-powerful, all-knowing, always compassionate, so now you have to complete with your ignorance, powerlessness, all-powerlessness, all-ignorance, and all-violence. You have to complete and drop them. Then don't think you will get only those three qualities of Shiva. Once you finish completing with all the incompletions, all the qualities of Mahadeva which you imagined and not imagined will break open as if the floodgates have been opened inside your system. Understand the purpose for which I am asking you to describe the inner-image, outer-image, others-image and life-image. I am describing every single technical term for the convenience of the people who came today for the satsangh first time, or the people who are coming for the Kalpataru Darshan today in Khar Road-Mumbai, New York-Varanasi, and Yoga Den-California. Mainly for the convenience of Kalpataru participants I am describing every single technical term. Please listen! Please understand! All Kalpataru participants don't shut your door, don't shut your listening! 'Oh, he is talking something which is a continuity of the earlier satsangh. I cannot understand anyhow. I will just sit here and spend the time and go.' No! Don't shut your listening. Please keep your listening open. I am uttering every word to a beginner, and I am detailing every technical term, I am expanding on every technical term. Please listen! When you describe your inner-image should be like Shiva, what you think as Shiva, describe that. Somebody wrote their inner-image should be like eternally enlightened. Yes, great! What you describe as eternally enlightened, write your definition. Why you know? If you describe some two-three qualities which you think as enlightenment quality, or Shiva's quality, and...

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