Allow life to support you

December 14, 2013


In today's morning satsang from Bali.Paramahamsa Nithyananda revealed the context of sannyas is to sincerely be the catalyst to make the other person's cause a reality. If there is even a single thought of your own gratification the wrong context is set. When you are that pure cause and catalyst life supports you and stands by you and expresses through you. Then he declared the time between Jayanthi and Shivaratri the season of Shravana, sincere listening. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today I will expand on “SANNYAS”. Come on! Let me explain on what I wanted to exactly define, Yesterday I was defining, when you enter into any relationship with the clear decision with the context of being a catalyst to enrich the other person, it is “Sannyas”. Please understand, please listen, I am not saying don’t get married; I am not saying get married; all I am trying to tell you is, do it from the right context. Whether you get married or take sannyas, do it from the right context. When you are secretly strategizing in your heart, when you are secretly hoping in your heart, what are you hoping? Are you hoping to use the other woman or man to fulfil what you want, or are you sincerely trying to be a catalyst to make the other person’s reality better, to be a cause for the other person to realize what he wants as reality in his life? Please listen! You say, ‘No, no. I will help him also to realize and I will use him also to help me realize my dreams.’ No! It is Ravana wearing sannyas “vesha”, Ravana wearing the make-up of a sannyasi to kidnap Sita. No! Even one line, an iota of secret strategy planning you are carrying about your gratification, be very clear, the wrong context is set! The context is no more right! The wrong context is set already! Do not – please listen – do not allow even a small underground secret thought –‘How I can use the other person in the relationship’. Please understand! Morality is the social fabric. Enriching is the consciousness fabric. Morality is the base material based on which society is built. Enriching is the base material based on which consciousness is built. So, please listen. Let ever step be completely ‘How I can be a catalyst for the other person to experience what he wants as a reality in life.’ I really tell you, that is the best way, that is the best way you will experience the highest realities in YOUR life! Please listen! There are three varieties: One: people who straight away plan ‘How will I use this guy or her to fulfil my desires?’ If you are living with this kind of life, you will have to struggle, struggle, struggle all alone. The life energy is not going to stand by you or support you. Second group: ‘I will also be the cause for fulfilling the other person, I will use the other person also to fulfil my cause.’ Here, again, you will have only the support of the other person. Only both of you have to be struggling! When you stand, ‘I will be the pure cause, catalyst for everyone to experience their reality’, suddenly life supports you, life stands by you. I tell you, allow life to stand by you, allow life to support you! Allow life to stand by you, allow life to support you! Be a catalyst, be a cause for everyone, be a catalyst, be a cause for everyone to experience, be a catalyst, be a cause for every way life to express itself! I tell you, constantly life wants to radiate through you. You are not the rejected piece of life; you are a trial piece of life. You are not a rejected piece of life, you are a trial piece of life. Life is trying through you. But the moment you come to the conclusion you are a rejected piece, you write your destiny in a wrong way! Life is constantly trying through you. If you allow the “ashta maha siddhis” ....... Click for Full TRANSCRIPTS:- END OF SATSANG:- Whoever decides, ‘From now my life is for being a cause for others to realize their cause’, whoever decides from now, raise your hand. (People raise their hand). I give you guys my “Thathaasthu”! Practice this sincerely; that is “Sannyas”, that is “Enlightenment”! Decide: ‘No hypocrisy, no secret cause, no secret strategy. Sincerely let me be a cause for everyone to realize their cause. It may be my husband, my wife, my son, my daughter, my brother, or my friend, or business colleague, or my employee, or my neighbour, or my country-men, or the people in my street, people in my village, people in my Planet Earth, or people in my universe, whoever they may be, I will be a sincere cause, I will be a sincere catalyst to cause what others want to cause in their life.’ I tell you, with this, life energy opens in you! Life energy opens in you!

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