Always be in the space of Powerfulness

April 2, 2014


At today's (27th March, 2014) morning Satsang in Haridwar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains how the best medicine for fear is to laugh at it! When we look into our fears, realizing why we built this fear, we can complete with it. The fear will simply loose power over us and we can laugh at its foolishness. Let us look at when, why and how we started a particular fear, without accepting or resisting it, complete it and move into a space of powerfulness. Watch, Share and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload click to subscribe TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I will expand on some of the basic truths about "LIVING"; means, pulling these principles into life, tuning our strategies with these truths. It is like a journey with the Ganga. Please understand, the moment you are here automatically for the morning satsangh, you know Inner Awakening has started! You are all here in the morning automatically! Please understand, Inner Awakening is a pure spiritual awakening to your reality, being sure about what you want. You need to know, one of the important truths is, all this Theology Light does not work for life. I have seen so many Theology Light gurus; means, 'smile', 'be happy', 'blow your nose seven times'...! Theology Light means, attending to problems as individual problems and having solutions. I call them only as Theology Light gurus. Theology Light is not Theology Right, be very clear! may give you that "feel good" feeling for a few days, but it is not eternally attending to the problem, eternally attending to life. Please understand, you have to know, Theology Light people always associate difficulty with Theology Right, because they never got the Theology right! That is why they started living and teaching Theology Light. I tell you, as the Guru of Theology Right who got it, it is not difficult. Whether it is a problem or a solution, it should be looked at holistically. Theology Light is not going to solve life. As I said, it may give you a little "feel good" feeling, excitement, like Positive Thinking, Creative Visualization, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, How to Win Friends and Influence People in your life, this kind of books, this kind of people, the Self Help, Personality Development, please understand. But, they will never be able to give you a cognitive shift. Theology Right gives you the cognitive shift. Theology Light gives you intellectual coating. I am not the guru who paints you with a new coat. I am the guru who scrapes even the base and cleans the whole thing! Living! Living! Living tirelessly without boredom, constantly your very thinking should be flowing with Authenticity, your very talking should be flowing with Integrity, your words -- internal, external -- should be completely in tune with Integrity, your thinking flow should be continuously with Authenticity. The way you feel about life should be continuously responsible; you should know very clearly in your feeling you are the source of everything; in that feeling you should know you are responsible for everything. Continuously your feeling should be filled with Responsibility. Your living should be constantly Enriching you and others. I will tell you the secret: Only for the initial days, it may look like you need to change some of the actions, routine, day-to-day life and all that; but, soon, you will find the change in the decision. First of all, even if there is a change in action, you don't struggle or suffer with it. Second, many places you may not even need change in action. Change in thinking is what I teach; change in action may happen as a sub-text. The context of my teaching is change in thinking, decision-making; the sub-text may be change in actions, change in act, its side-effects may be change in the acts. But, the original context with which I am teaching, the context I am expecting you to operate from is changing your decision. There should not be anything in your life which makes you powerless. Iron out your whole day. Nothing, nothing, nothing can make you powerless. Nothing can make you powerless. Anything which makes you powerless, don't accept, don't resist. For example, if you are afraid of becoming poor, if you are afraid of getting married, if you are afraid of death, if you are afraid of getting into prison, that somebody may put you into prison, if you are afraid of taking Sannyas, whatever may be the fear, don't accept, don't get married. Please listen, if you have fear about poverty or Sannyas or marriage or prison or death or whatever, don't accept that option. Same way, don't go on resisting that option by remembering. Please understand, by the time you resist, you already visualized that which you are resisting and half of your power has gone to the visualization, and you are in the space of powerlessness.

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