Are you an Earthquake Zone?

November 11, 2013


In today's morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains how the answer to all our questions is completion! We need to make completion as the first priority in our lives. Only then can we be free of the negative effects that anxiety and panic earthquakes, which are experienced multiple times a day, have on our system. Completions stops the earthquakes, providing clarity and stability for new things to flower in us. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I welcome all of you with my love and blessings! Today, as part of the Skanda Sashti Brahmotsavam, the festival celebrated for Skanda-Subrahmanya, Dakshinadhipati, God of Southern India; the 5th day, Skanda is gracing us with his two consorts Valli and Devasena on the Swarna Mayura Vahana, the Golden Peacock Vahana,..He is gracing us. Tomorrow, He will be killing all the demons; the sura samhaara will happen! Today, 21st batch of Inner Awakening, seventh day. Today, we will begin working on Completion with others, which is very, very, very important. Please understand, Completion with yourself is the first step. But the Completion with yourself will be Complete only when you start Completing with others! Then we will have Avahanti Homa for Completion process. Today I wanted to expand on...Truths related to Completion! Please understand, for a building to be stable, the ground should be stable. If there is a constant earthquake, can you build a building or maintain a building? No! Each anxiety attack you go through, each panic attack you go through is an earthquake in your inner space. You cannot be settled in peace and restful awareness. Please understand, Completing with your anxiety patterns; completing with your fear patterns; Completing with your freaking out patterns is the first and foremost important thing you need to do. Please understand, all the self-denying patterns you have; when I say self-denying patterns-EGO; don't think ego is self-boosting pattern; No!It is self-denying pattern! Denying your real self, and, you go on breeding the alternative, compensative cognition. That is Ego! Second, all addictions; all addictions are self-denial. Please understand, I'm giving completely new definitions. Actually, I'm sending a panic attack to a psychoanalyst, I'm giving them an anxiety attack, because I'm hitting at the basic theories they are propagating. I'm debunking all their basic propagandas! I tell you, if the Vedic psychology is revealed to the world, only that is going to liberate one-third of the humanity which is suffering with some form of psychiatric disorder. You need to know, one-third of the humanity is suffering, and these psychoanalysts and psychiatrists are so selfish, they are bothered only about their income, they don't care about their cure. They don't care about the healing. They are bothered only about their market. Listen! Whatever I'm revealing is exactly the facts of your Being. So listen, you will understand. This anxiety attack, the panic pattern; the panic attack is the most dangerous pattern with which you are suffering. That is the most torturous pattern! Dangerous and torturous! That pattern is like a constant earthquake! Constant earthquake will neither allow you to build any building nor allow you to be relaxed in any building. I sincerely request and recommend all of you to have a diary; in forty-eight hours observe you, 'how many earthquakes you are having inside.' You can give your own Richter scale. If it is completely shaking and physically you are able to feel the heart rate increasing, give it above eight in your inner Richter scale. If there is no physical reaction, but only psychological, then give below eight. Give your own scale. But count the number of times you go through the inner earthquake in forty-eight hours, then you will understand why you are like this. Even if you don't get food, it is ok. Even if you don't get clothes, it is ok. Even if you don't get house, it's ok. But, take Completion as the first priority of your life. Without Completion, having anything is useless! Let the Completion become the first priority of your life. Let everything else become second priority! The first priority...... because only with Completion you even become ready to evolve! Please understand, the land which is constantly shivering or shaking; constant tremors, once in five days or six days, you can't do anything in that land. Same way, constantly if you're having panic attacks, anxiety attacks, you can't create anything in that Inner Space. The answer to your question; the answer to all your questions is only one: If you keep your Inner Space without the earthquakes, of panic attacks and anxiety attacks, so much of creativity will grow in that. So much of creation will happen in that. So many wonderful things will flower in that. In the flowing water, lotus cannot bloom. Only in a stable water, lotus can bloom. Same way, only in a stable land, buildings can happen.

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