Are You Living The Truth?

October 11, 2014


In today’s (9th October, 2014) Morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda talks about the importance of Nithya kirtan and how it is the oldest process for kundalini awakening in the Vedic tradition. If we sing and dance, all incompletions from our inner space will run away. If we sing from our very being, we will experience the same kind of consciousness of those words. TRANSCRIPTS:- Today, I wanted to expand on these two sacred truths: First, listen, please internalize, the first truth: ANYTHING WHICH IS TRUTH, STRENGTHENS YOU. ANYTHING WHICH IS OVERLAPPED ON THE TRUTH – “BELIEF” – WHETHER IT CREATES GREED IN YOU OR FEAR IN YOU, WEAKENS YOU EVEN WHILE YOU ARE BELIEVING; not only after you are disillusioned, even while you are believing, it weakens you. Please listen! Anything which is truth, goes on strengthening you even while you are working with it, while you are practicing it. The great truth, Nithyanandoham, Shivoham, “I am the Ultimate Possibility”, when you work with this truth – understand, when I say “I am the Ultimate Possibility”, I mean you ARE the Ultimate Possiblity – when you are working with that truth, even while you are working, it strengthens you day by day. But, anything which is belief, which is not true, which creates fear or greed in you, weakens you continuously even while you are believing it; not only after the disillusionment – after the disillusionment you will completely feel powerless, you will feel deprived, cheated, you will feel you lost, wasted – not that only after you get disillusioned you will feel cheated and deprived, even while you are working with it, you will feel powerless. Shivoham, deciding to work with the truth, Shivoham, please understand, this truth you cannot just believe and keep quiet. The truth is so powerful, it will provoke you to work towards will provoke you to work towards it. Truth uttered by the right person, listened to by the right being, provokes you to work towards it. It can never be one more sermon. No! Satsangh is not sermon or discourse. After the discourse or during the discourse, you can be sleeping, continue to be in slumber. But satsangh provokes you! Neither during, nor after, you can be in slumber or sleeping. It provokes you. It awakens you. That is the right word I should use: “It awakens you!” While you are working with the truth, Shivoham, even while you are working, you have to take responsibility for it. Don’t expect somebody else can take the responsibility for your reality. If somebody else takes the responsibility for your reality, it will never be YOUR reality. Yes, Guru can take the responsibility to make you responsible; not for anything else. Guru can take the responsibility to make you responsible. That is why his love is never appreciated. His love is not the cosy, comfortable feeling you felt in the name of love in your life when you were young. The pattern you believe as love – you cry, and your mom rushes to you and gives you food or candy, your dad rushes and gives you some sweet or toy or whatnot, your aunt brings clothes, your uncle brings you sweet – what you believe as love, the pattern of action-reaction which you believe as love, you will not experience that from the Master, from an enlightened being. The love he radiates makes you like him. That is why you constantly feel energized when you come near the Master, when you are in his presence, when you listen to his words, when you imbibe his presence; but you will not feel the so-called love; and if you feel what you felt as love pattern from the young age, from the Master also, maybe he is giving you a little time to settle down and become comfortable. I do play the role of father, mother and uncle, for the first few days till the transition happens in you – you need to move from that to this – but not more than that. My love will make you responsible for the great truth of Shivoham, for the great truth of your reality. Understand, the truth has to constantly strengthen you. END OF SATSANG:- So, all the Sampradayas will be sitting in Manikarnika Ghat at night, and going around in the day for Bhiksha, Madhukari Bhiksha, because it makes you responsible and enriching. Living at the Master’s feet is both “bhikshavandhana” and living in the smashaana, both, because, it constantly enriches you and makes you responsible. CLICK for FULL Transcripts:-

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