Are you suffering from SDHD?

January 3, 2014


In today's (3rd January, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda stresses the utter importance of completing with the disease of self-doubt, self-hatred, and self-denial. When we carry these three, we can never reach our true potential. The cure for this disease is the Kalpataru Darshan given daily by Paramahamsa Nithyananda. The extraordinary gift of the Kalpataru Darshan awakens the fire and energy to support what you want to create in your life! TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I welcome all of you with my love and blessings. Today, I'll expand on Kalpataru, Causing Enlightenment and on few characters from Mahabharata, all the three together. The first few important truths, the sacred secrets you need to know: Biggest human suffering is self-doubt, self-denial, self-hatred. If I have to organize it one by one, -- self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial. First it starts as self-doubt, follows as self-hatred, becomes fruit in self-denial. That is the way, step by step, it moves. Please understand, the worst disease human-beings suffer - I tell you, only actually after this self-doubt comes, God becomes human! Please understand, in this very land of Haridwar, from the time Ganga started flowing, one debate is going on: How God became human-being? How the Akhanda became Khanda? How the Paramatma became Jivatma? This debate is going on just like Ganga. Dvaithis have their answer, Advaithis have their answer, Visishtadvaithis have their answer, atheists have their answer. Please understand, in Vedic Tradition, atheism is also part of the philosophy. We respect atheists. The moment you utter their name, even power goes away! Atheists have their answers, everyone has their answer. Please understand, listen, I give you the experiential expression not a philosophical, intellectual answer, experiential answer. The experiential answer for this problem: how God became man, how Parmatma became Jivatma, how we got deluded ourself into. The moment self-doubt comes in, God became man, macrocosm becomes microcosm, Paramatma becomes Jivatma. The first Maya, the origin of the Maya, the first delusion, first illusion, is self-doubt. Please understand, if I erase at least few lakh people's self-doubt, help them to complete with their self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial, I will feel my mission is achieved. I will feel I have accomplished for what I have assumed human body, I'll feel my avataric mission is fulfilled. And, today, again I wanted to repeat, this should be Guru Vaak for all my Sannyasis, brahmacharis, devotees, disciples, followers, you will all take an oath constantly you will complete with your self-doubt, self-hatred and self-denial, and you will help, you will be cause for every human-being to complete with their self-doubt, self-hatred and self-denial patterns. The biggest liberation you will experience on the Planet Earth is being liberated from self-doubt, self-denial and self-hatred. Completion with self-doubt, self-denial and self-hatred will be the biggest, most powerful liberation you will experience. This Kalpataru Darshan itself is nothing but helping you to complete with your self-doubt, self-denial, self-hatred. Understand self-doubt, self-denial, self-hatred is like a rock thrown on the head of the Kundalini snake. See, Kundalini is described as a sleeping snake in our Root Centre, in our Mooladhara. Self-hatred, self-doubt and self-denial is a huge rock thrown on that snake. What will happen? That snake cannot die, but it will fall into coma. It'll fall into coma. Kalpataru is nothing but moving that rock out and slowly moving the Kundalini snake up. Actually, it is not a snake, don't be afraid; it is portrayed like a snake; when it wakes up, it moves like a snake through your spine and reaches your Sahasrara and the whole body flowers. Yesterday, one lady was complaining to me, 'In the cruise you told you will awaken my Kundalini, and now you will have to awaken, I did not experience.' People have weird ideas. First thing, you have so much of self-denial; that is why it becomes anger on me. You have to first complete with that. Second, when I awaken your Kundalini, naturally it awakens but you have expectation that you should jump, only then your Kundalini is awakened. If that is the scale then you jump that's all! Anyhow, deep anger towards you, deep hatred towards you, deep self-denial should be completed. Only then, even if you awaken the Kundalini, it can spread all over your body. Please understand, this Kalpataru Darshan is nothing but helping you to complete with your self-doubt. Actually Vivekananda puts it very beautifully: "Whether you meditate, or do a Kriya, or do prayer, or do Homa, do a Yagna, go to temple, or go for tirtha yatra, you do any spiritual action or religious action, at one point your Kundalini gets awakened and your prayers are answered.' That is what is happening actually. You may use different names -- Homa, Yagna, Japa, Puja, Yoga,

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