Ashtanga Yoga: Patanjali Yoga Sutras 78 - Nithyananda Morning Satsang 9 Dec 2010

December 16, 2010


Living Enlightened Master and Rare Avatar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda continues to revive the Patanjali Yoga Sutras from the very consciousness of Patanjali himself. Today, he revealed the secrets on the 78th Sutra from chapter 2, 27th verse -- "Tasya Saptadha Pranta Bhoomih Prajna" which translates as "Knowledge is attained in seven supreme steps" Introducing the very popular "Ashtanga Yoga" for the first time in this sutra, Patanjali, the father and founder of Yoga, the largest and the most practiced religion on the planet followed by at least 1/4th of humanity, spoke on the king of all knowledge -- enlightenment. Patanjali delivers the ultimate secrets of enlightenment. One of them is that the cosmos showers many truths about enlightenment. There are many paths available all over the place. But the interesting question is - if so many truths and paths are available, then why is it we do not get enlightened? Nithyananda elaborated on this and said, "Whenever you catch a seed or truth about enlightenment, you take it to a logical conclusion". For example, compassion leads to enlightenment. This is a truth. But we take compassion to the level of losing wealth but not to losing body and life. Or you may feel what is wrong if I leave the body and live compassion. You will go to extreme restful awareness. He explains how we catch few truths, how we miss some. We catch the different truths at different levels -- intellectually, physically and experientially. He says he makes at least 50% of the truths stay at experiential level during Inner Awakening program. He also gave the secret to catch as many threads. He says the secret is to catch the threads where you are successful. He gives the example of climbing a fort. "There is a huge fort you need to climb and get inside. Only one iron chain is hanging. Don't look at the steep stone. Oh! There is 200 square feet stone which I cannot put my leg and climb. No. Look at one chain hanging, you can catch that and jump. You may have heard 100 truths, but only 10 you can intellectually conclude and only one you can have physical conclusion. That is enough! One chain is enough to climb the fort. The secret is all that your mind is able to "click with" and reach its intellectual conclusions, keep them as your strength and work more & more to make it your physical reality. The secret is not continuously looking at the ideas you failed or stuck but continuously looking at ideas that have become physical reality. Hold them that is the secret for enlightenment for you." He concluded the morning satsang saying he will reveal deeper truth on enlightenment in the subsequent sessions.

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