Ask the Avatar: Rajiv Malhotra

July 13, 2016


In this first episode of Ask the Avatar (13 July, 2016), Rajiv Malhotra asks Paramahamsa Nithyananda about different topics: they talk about Kumbh mela, it's significance as the core of the Hindu tradition. Rajiv Malhotra asks Swamiji on his views on the revival of Hinduism, standing up for Dharma and protecting Hinduism. Paramahamsa Nithyananda says it is time for the Akhadas to wake up to the truth. Born Hindu's should become practicing Hindu's. Swamiji boldly says that when you bend your body for Surya Namaskar, you are a practicing Hindu. Mr Malhotra asks Swamiji about expressing powers, tells that many people think that Siddhi's will distract you from your path to enlightenment. Swamiji explains how the tradition and structure of Patanajali's teachings is different form Sadashiva's tradition. The Siddhis Patanjali speaks about are not the same as the Shaktis that Sadashiva speaks about. Shaktis, as Sadashiva calls the powers are only expressed from the oneness, never on the path to oneness. Powers expressed from the space of oneness, rooted in oneness, can never lead you astray, they will only establish that state of oneness more and more. Swamiji encourages all his disciples and devotees to express powers and invites everyone who is curious to come and experience them.

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