Avoid Free Fall in Your Life

September 3, 2014


In today's (3rd September 2014) morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda expanded on completion with others. He pointed out that when we relate with people who are living completion or make our teamily live completion we are either living enlightenment or moving towards it. When people around you are living completion, they form a safety net for the community, so when someone falls they do not go into freefall. Either you should go to a place where completion is being lived or make the people around you live. completion. TRANCRIPTS:- I welcome all of you with my love and respects. First thing, today I wanted to expand on how Completion with others leads to the life of heaven, and interacting only with people who live the Science of Completion, or whoever you are interacting with, making them live the Science of Completion. The more and more I teach the Science of Completion to more and more number of people on Planet Earth, when more and more people do the Completion with themselves and with others and come back..... Yesterday, full day, was Completion with others. Day-before-yesterday and yesterday. Especially, when you get students, disciples who are really sincerely doing it like this batch! This batch is really sincere! So nice to work with a sincere team, sincere teamily! Completion with others and Integrity! It is such a joy to work with people who believe the Science of Completion, who understand the Science of Completion, Completion with others. When you relate with people who live Completion, or with whoever you relate, you make them live Completion, either you create your teamily based on people who believe Completion, or you make your teamily start living Completion, any one does so much good, so much good! It almost feels like living in heaven! Living in the space where there is no dream, hangover, residue, patterns, incompletions left. It is purely the Science of Enlightenment. Either you are already living it, or moving towards it. Living it or moving towards it. Understand, when you live with people who live the Science of Completion, either you choose your teamily who lives the Science, or you make your teamily live the Science of Completion, life becomes heaven, so much of energy is available to do something creative. I am telling you, I may train my teamily, go on training, training, training, till they come up to the level of living the Advaitha Sathya, but I am telling you, I should openly acknowledge and give the credit to many of my disciples who are living Completion, who are living the Science of Completion, give me so much of time, energy, to do more and more creative things. If I am reaching out to all of you, teaching the Science of Completion in a more and more creative way, using all the best technology available, including YouTube, Internet, Facebook, Twitter, and whatnot, if this science is made available to you through so many ways, the credit goes to the disciples who are living this Science of Completion. Because, not only they don't waste my time, they provide me a lot of time and energy to do the creative job, to do the Sangha work. From my own experience I am telling you, all of you have your own Sangha. Your family is your Sangha. Where you are working, your office is your Sangha. People with incompletion, they themselves get into many insecurities, and from that insecurity they go on destroying themselves and others. From that insecurity, they go on destroying themselves and others. Please understand, I am giving enough gap between every statement for you to digest. Actually, whenever I speak, I am listening to it. Because I myself listen to what I am speaking, you also listen. Most of the time, even you don't listen when you speak; that is why others also don't listen! Listen! The people with whom you are living, they living the Science of Completion is as important as you living the Science of Completion, because, many times, when you fall out, when you don't complete, don't want to complete, when you are desperate, when you are frustrated, when you are not ready to stand up, when you give up on yourself and others, the people around you are the only people who hold you. If they know that they live the Science of Completion, they can at least hold you up and bring you back. If not, forget about it! END OF SATSANG:- Live Completion with others, live Completion with yourself, make your whole teamily live Completion, and surround yourself with the people who live the Science of Completion. Either you go to the place where people live the Science of Completion, or you create a teamily around you who live the Science of Completion. Full Transcript here:- http://nithyananda.org/video/avoid-free-fall-your-life

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