Awaken Your Extra Sensory Powers Through Super DNA: Nithyananda Morning Message (22 Oct 2010)

October 23, 2010


Paramahamsa Nithyananda shared a few insights on Super DNA from his experience, and from some of the great revelations by the modern-day rishis (scientists), and from some of the scriptural quotations from ancient vedic rishis.The following discovery was on the website: DNA has been found to have a basic ability to put itself together even at a distance, when, according to known science, it should not be able to. Simply put: Teleporting and Telepathy are all possible! Scientists are showing that DNA can cause patterns in a vacuum, producing magnetic "worm holes"; that can attract bits of information outside time and space. This means you do not have to learn from your five senses, i.e., through hearing or seeing, etc., and then learning. Instead the direct transmission of energy allows higher knowledge and consciousness to be downloaded without the use of the five senses. This explains how Nithyananda has created so much written material in eight years of public life; such a vast amount that it will take anyone 33 years to learn. He did not learn it through the traditional methods; he simply downloaded it from the cosmos. Very clearly you can see that this much information cannot get into your system through ears or eyes, or through any system of education. The secret is: DNA can create magnetic "worm holes" which receive bits of information outside time and space. Through the process of being initiated by an Avatar such as Nithyananda, dormant DNA can be activated to create the ability to download information. Indigo children are born with activated DNA and are natural telepaths. As a result, Nithyananda's mission school is working intensely towards creating an infrastructure to specially take care of indigo kids to bloom as incarnations (avatar). One last piece of research from - a researchers' site. The researchers say that just like the Internet, our DNA is a biological internet. DNA can feed proper data to network, can call up data from network, and establish contact with other participants in network. It means, all awakened DNAs, meaning enlightened beings, can send information, and receive information, and pass information to other evolved beings telepathically. Within one year, Paramahamsa Nithyananda will establish at least twenty people with this activated DNA. They will be made to sit in different parts of the country, and regular communication will be done to them just through DNA without any conventional method like a cell phone, or Skype, or Internet, or any normal media. Only when these things are proven by science and technology, will it be accepted as truth objectively. He explains how super DNA is activated during inner awakening program (

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