Base Your Life on Subjective Truth

September 14, 2020


In today’s ( 04th December, 2014 ) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda shares secrets from the Vedas on how our subjective truth, Shivoham, can be awakened with the help of yantras, mantras and Kundalini awakening. He also gives us important information for building the foundation of our lives on consciousness, not fear or greed. “Enlightenment” is building our life on the right foundation, Subjective Truth – Shivoham! TRANSCRIPTS:- I will expand on how the Subjective Truths are strengthened by objects. Please listen. Every object creates some subject in you. When you see, even the photograph of food well-organized – Idli, Chutney, Sambar, Gongura Oorga.....if you are a non-vegetarian person, all those non-vegetarian items, the moment you see the photograph, something is triggered in you. It’s one small example I am giving. I can give hundreds of examples. Whether it is food, or lust, anything, or sacredness..... Even sacredness! If you are habituated to praying to a god, the moment you see his deity, something is created in you, awakened in you. So, each object creates certain subject in you. And, if there is an object which has awakened Subjective Truth in me, I can use that same object to awaken that same Subjective Truth in you. Master is a person in whom the Subjective Truth has become reality.....Shivoham, the highest Subjective Truth, becomes reality. And, whatever objects made that experience as reality in him, he can use that and make even your Subjective Reality awakened. He can give you also the same experience of Shivoham. Listen. Whatever experience he achieved, he can awaken that same in you. Understand, the Subjective Truth – Shivoham – can be awakened by the external help like Yantras, Mantras, and Kundalini initiation. I am introducing this science to the world. It was available in the Vedic Tradition; but, to this planet, I am introducing now. It is not that all the Vedas were revealed to....all the Vedas are revealed already to human-beings. This science of using sound, the science of using simple lines to awaken yourself and awaken others is such powerful science. See, Subjective Truth is the base on which your life should be built. Subjective Truth is the foundation on which your life should be built. If you do not build a conscious Subjective Truth like Shivoham, the ultimate truth, unfortunately you will be building your foundation, your life, on your low Inner Image, incompletions, your fear and your greed. On your fear and on your greed you may start building your life. First, choose conscious Inner Image - Shivoham. First, choose conscious Inner Image - Shivoham. Please understand, ‘enlightenment’ is building your life on the right foundation, Subjective Truth. It is on the right foundation, Subjective Truth. Cherish Shivoham again and again. Strengthen the truth, Shivoham, again and again. Live the truth, Shivoham, again and again. Meditate on this great truth again and again. This truth, Shivoham, once it gets rooted in you, does not allow your Inner Image, Mamakaara, to weaken you. It does not allow your Inner Image, Mamakaara, to weaken you, understand? I am just trying to get the right words, how this whole truth can be explained to all of you in simple terms, in simple words, how the whole truth can be awakened in simple terms, in simple way. Understand, subtle grooves of your brain, when it starts understanding the happenings inside you, it can understand any Mathematics, any Science, any Chemistry, any Geography, any History. See, how you remember your past, the same way only History is written; that is the formula of History. How you remember certain facts exaggerated, certain facts neglected. Same way, Mathematics, what all the basic understandings you have, to add, subtract, multiply, divide. If you can grasp the happenings inside you with the subtle sensitivity, you can grasp any happening outside. As I said, whether it is Geography, or Mathematics, or History, or Science, or Chemistry, Biology, everything in the outer world you can understand if you can grasp the Subjective Truth. That is why I am saying, the Subjective Truth, you need to let it sink in you, get soaked in you. Let it be soaked in you. Let it sink in you. Just like how food, sex, all these becomes a bio-memory of an ordinary man, this Shivoham, experience of enlightenment, should become bio-memory, understand? LINK FOR FULL TRANSCRIPTS:- video/

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