Be a catalyst for others

December 18, 2013


In today's (15th-december-2013) morning satsang from Bali Paramahamsa Nithyananda expanded on being a catalyst to others reality. He gave Shiva as the example of the consummate catalyst who is continuously enriching everyone and who only uses things for himself that others don't want. He advised that we should be a catalyst with excitement and enthusiasm, like flirting with other people's consciousness, with sincere listening to help them find their root pattern or conflicting pattern. TRANSCRIPTS:- I welcome all of you with my love and blessings. Today, I’ll continue to expand on being a “Catalyst” - to cause others’ reality and from today ‘Nithyanandotsava’ starts! The Birthday celebrations, Avatar Day celebrations, Jayanthi Day celebrations of Paramahamsa Nithyananda starts! Today the Poorvanga pujas, Poorvanga Utsavas begin. Veerabhadra and Durga are worshipped today. I’m entering into the age of thirty-seven! Poorvanga Utsava, before the flag hoisting, all the security guardians, deities, they should be respected and you should take the blessings from them. Today- Veerabhadra and Durga, tomorrow Kaalabhairava ad Káli, then Ganesha puja, then starts the flag hoisting – Brahmotsava. Fifteenth Day of Inner Awakening! If you are really a Shiva bhakta, you have to be like Shiva! If you see Shiva, He is the ultimate catalyst for everyone to cause their realities. See the way He sits, He doesn’t want anything! All worthy things He gives away to people. All useless things, first of all the place where He lives is Smashana (cremation ground) which nobody uses and what are His cosmetics? Bhasma (Ash) which nobody uses, which is not useful to anybody. What is His ornament? Rudraksha, which nobody touches. Rudraksha was not this popular before 1978, understand. It is after 1978, suddenly it became very popular and well known and it became jewelry. The way He lives, what is His vehicle? An old bull, what He gets? Halahala and of course, even Halahala can’t do anything to Him. Who are His assistants, sevaks? Bhoothas, totally disorganized! Totally unorganized, and neither they listen to any instructions nor follow any instructions. See I’m talking and it’s happening here you see; bhootha, pretha, pishacha (ghosts) all the assistants. If you are more cranky you become Mahanth, less cranky-Kothari, new to the community-Thanedar! All types of beings, bhoothas, prethas! Be a catalyst to cause others’ reality. Don’t do it like a duty. Duty is a four letter word! No! Do it with excitement and enthusiasm. Please listen, how you never get tired of flirting. You don’t get tired of flirting. Enriching is flirting with the other person’s Consciousness! Listen! When you enrich, do everything based on the spiritual understanding. First, provide authentic listening, then don’t get stuck by their ideas. Providing authentic listening does not mean believing whatever they are saying. NO! They will say only ‘everything is impossible’ and they will go to the extreme of saying even, ‘you are a fool’. Believing what others are saying is not ‘listening’. Provide listening without judgment, then go on talking about what you have to say without getting influenced by what they said. You listen to them so that they have an empty space inside to listen to you. You listen to them so that they have an empty space inside them to listen to you. And, see the whole game, how the mind does not allow any expansion. When you provide authentic listening, you will be able to find exactly in which pattern the other person is stuck! Then, enrich the person exactly about the pattern in which they are stuck. I tell you, if you listen to anybody authentically for three minutes, you will find their root pattern. You will find their root pattern! Tell them this is the pattern with which they are struggling in their whole life. The moment you help them find their pattern, the moment they understand, ‘Yes’, then simply they are there where you call them, they are there to do what you want them to do. Enriching – please listen! Enriching is a beautiful psychological game where you need to provide authentic listening to every person. Listening! It should not be done as a boring, tiring job. I tell you, unless you master the art of Listening, unless you master the art of Enriching, you won’t be able to live with anybody! This is the breakthrough you have to experience. This is the breakthrough you have to go through. Do it now; it is better you do it as early as possible. It is a knack you have to learn. Ability to enrich a person with the ideology with which you are living, only then, whether it is in your business,

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