Be Blissful and Increase Your Will Persistence

September 17, 2019


In this Satsang (4 September 2019), His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam reveals: “Bliss is the source material out of which will persistence is made. The quantity and intensity of the bliss you have forms the foundation for the will persistence to exist. If you want to strengthen your will persistence, work on your bliss. Make yourself more and more blissful, ecstatic, joyful. Work on your bliss. Best way to increase the frequency of your bliss is detoxing your body, unclutching and continuously engaging in prayer with your God or Guru. 24 hours talking to your God internally, your Guru internally - this is one of the most powerful spiritual practice. When you are intensely, continually talking to God or Guru inside you, you go on awakening powerful cognitions inside you.”

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