Be Complete with Principles of Advaita

October 28, 2014


In today’s (28th October, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda advises us to trust in the completion process. Because of our SDHD, our minds keep us in the state of incompletion saying, “All these techniques are great, but not for me.” Incompletion is death! Let the Master’s form give us courage and inspire us. He is the embodiment of completion. As soon as we develop that trust in the science completion, we are liberated! TRANSCRIPTS:- I want to expand on Mahadeva’s revelation – COMPLETION WITH THE PRINCIPLES OF ADVAITHA. Please understand, whenever you strongly believe that certain philosophy or principle, ‘may be right, but will not work for me’, that is one of the biggest incompletions you can develop. ‘Swamiji is right. What he talks makes really sense. It is very logical. It is apt, but not for me.’ This fine word, “but not for me.” Over! Over! The whole thing is over! It is like the whole night you heard the Ramayana and next day morning you are asking, ‘In what way is Seetha related to Rama? Uncle? Aunt? Brother-in-law? Sister-in-law?’ Stupid! Complete stupid way of existing! That is the way your mind will cheat you. Your mind cheats you through only one way – saying, ‘It’s all great, but not for you. It’s all great, but not for you.’ Oh, God! Then what is the use? Super-imposing your SDHD on the Dharma you are practicing, on the Advaitha you are supposed to practice, super-imposing the Self-Doubt, Self-Hatred, Self-Denial, super-imposing the Self-Doubt, Self-Hatred, Self-Denial on Advaitha principle, is one of the biggest loss, understand. That’s one of the biggest loss. Finding Completion with this Advaithic principle. See it’s almost like the question of whether egg first or chicken first: whether you will start doing Completion and then you will find more Completion with the Advaitha, or you will find Completion with Advaitha and then start doing Completion. First you think, ‘No, no, no, first let this philosophy prove itself it is useful for me, then I will complete.’ Philosophy says, ‘No, no, no, no, let you do first Completion, then I will prove I am useful to you.’ Who will roll the ball? Somebody has to lay the first egg. Guru is the person who lays the first egg and egg says, ‘Come on, let the chicken lay me.’ And the chicken says, ‘No, no, come on, let the egg be there, then I will come out of it.’ Who will make the first egg? And you say, ‘No, no, let this science prove itself useful to me.’ The science says, ‘No, let this fellow practice me, then I will prove I am useful to him.’ To give confidence, the science embodies itself in human-being form and inspires you; that form is Guru! To give you the courage, ‘Come on, here I am, radiating Advaitha! Live! It does good for you! It does good for you!’ Giving you the confidence! See whenever you are cheated by somebody the distrust becomes strong in you. ‘Oh, we should never trust these human-beings!’ Whenever you are loved by somebody the trust on life and people becomes strong. I tell you when Guru loves you, it is equivalent to the whole life, the whole humanity loving you! He just fulfils you from all dimensions. He overflows you. Because, he is the embodiment of Completion. When he expresses his love, Advaitha Sathya, is demonstrating its love to you. So naturally, you will feel complete with Advaitha Sathya. When he trains you, whole life will train you and he never distrusts you. He can never distrust, he can never give up. He can never distrust, he can never give up. Understand. Please listen. Even little bit of practice will bring trust on the Science of Completion. Once you get the trust on the Science of Completion, no one can destroy you; you are liberated! You ARE liberated! Having Completion with Completion itself is liberation. Having incompletion with Completion is death. I have few people who go on saying, ‘All problems are with me only. But I can’t do Completion! What to do?’ No, there are people! ‘I cannot do Completion! What to do?’ If you have incompletion with Completion, who can save you? Who can do anything? Completion with this great principle of Advaitha! Krishna says in Gita: “स्वल्पम् अप्यस्य धर्मस्य....” “Svalpam apyasya dharmasya....” “Even if a little of this science is practiced....” Even if just half-an-hour is spent in Completion process every day. LINK FOR FULL TRANSCRIPTS:- video/

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