Be in Completion with Advaita

October 28, 2014


In today’s (27th October, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains that all the laws of life come from the Advaithic space. Nothing can violate us; even death cannot shake us off. If we live Advaitha, we can live as long as we want in this body. Once we alter the way we cognize life – with tremendous excitement and enthusiasm – we become strong. The natural law of life is Advaitha, giving us the strength to live! TRANSCRIPTS:- Today’s message from Mahadeva: BEING IN COMPLETION WITH ADVAITHA. Please listen! See, when I was introduced to Advaitha by Arunagiri Yogishwara, it was such a strong experience in me. Even in the worst moments of my life, that strength did not leave me, and I turned to Advaitha only, for the strength and solution, understand? Finding Completion with the Dharma, Advaitha, you are living! I am telling you, when Arunagiri Yogishwara introduced this science to me, I can say all it took is just few days only for him to make me experience. I still remember, when he said, ‘I am everything’, I asked him, ‘What do you mean?’ He said, ‘If I move my hand, the hill will move, because I am that.’ And literally he showed me! I was sitting in his right side. He said, ‘I am you. You see now.’ When he moved the right hand, I saw I am moving! When he moved the left hand, I saw the hill moving! And, when he crossed both the hands, I saw me getting into the hill and coming out! Of course, I am giving a lot of work for these stupid psychiatrists, psychoanalysts! You can go on analyzing what I am saying, and say, ‘Oh, this fellow, as a child he started having delusion, illusion.’ You can do all that stupid things. Just this Ramakrishna Paramahamsa who passed away long before, who is no more in the body, even on him they are still doing psychoanalysis and all that mapping and everything, and trying to come up with stupid books like ‘Kali’s Child’! I don’t know how much work I am giving for these psychoanalysts. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Do whatever you want! I will continue to be a mystery for you guys! I will continue to remain as a mystery like Sanatana Hindu Dharama which you will never be able to see the depth! Because all these statements, tomorrow these fellows are going to sit and do post-mortem on it: ‘How this could have happened? Or was he in delusion? Was he in illusion?’ You can challenge Ramakrishna, because he is not going to physically appear back again and defend himself, but I am going to be sitting here for at least ninety more years! Understand, the more challenges you bring on, the more solid proofs I will be revealing from my side. Blessed are those who explore me with the search of truth, because, they will be blessed with the truth! It took hardly only few days for Arunagiri Yogishwara to experientially prove me the power of Advaitha. He just moved his right hand; I saw I am simply moving with him! When he moved the left hand, I saw hill is moving! When he crossed both, I saw that both of us went into each other and came out! The kind of Completion I had with Advaitha did not bring any fear into me. I wanted to insist on this statement. Don’t try to tell, ‘Oh, because Arunagiri Yogishwara experientially taught you Advaitha, you achieved that kind of a Completion. Why do you expect that from us?’ No, I am telling you, because of that amount of Completion I had with Advaitha, when he pushed me into the hill and took me out also I did not have fear. Even if I just push you into your anxiety and take out, you have so much fear! Not even hill, just your anxiety! Pushing you to break your boredom your tiredness! Bring tremendous Completion with Advaitha. Actually, the next fun I am going to have is with these psychoanalysts, all these fellows; that is the people with whom I am going to have next fun! Because I am going to be revealing the mind-boggling, unimaginable, solid revelations about the law of life, the Advaitha, Shuddhaadvaitha Sathya! No, Ramakrishna also faced many challenges of his time. But, now, come on, let’s have fun! LINK OF FULL TRANSCRIPTS:- video/

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