Be in the space of Perpetual completion

April 26, 2014


In today's (26th April, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda expanded on Perpetual Completion. He told us to decide and declare we are in a state of Perpetual Completion. He defined perpetual completion as having the understanding that completion is easy and you opted for it. Just by remembrance liberation is there. Our teamily can help us remember for the first few days ; then after that Self Remembrance will happen. Tags-Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Perpetual Completion, decide,declare, remembrance, liberation, self-remembrance. TRANSCRIPTS:- Today I will expand on Completion, the Perpetual Completion. How you can bring yourself to the Perpetual Completion. Please understand, this is one of the very important words I am introducing to all of you. Listen! The Perpetual Completion..... There are many beautiful words I have introduced to you to lead you to wordlessness. Those words are what I call Maha Vaakyaas, the Vaakyaas which lead you to beyond Vaakyaas. The word which leads you to beyond words is Maha Vaakyaa. Mookaambika in Karnataka, she is the embodiment of Vaak Shakithi, Maha Vaakyaa. So, all the Acharyas, when they give Maha Vaakyaa to somebody, they will have to bring them to Mookaambika, because she is the Vaak Devi, Lord of Vaak Shakthi. She is the Devi of Vaak. So, bowing down to her, I introduce one more word to all of you which will lead you to wordlessness. Listen! There are many words I introduced to you. If you cognize them, it will lead you to wordlessness. Like, "Unclutching", "Upanishad", "Completion". And, so, today, I am introducing this word -- Perpetual Completion. Already I have spoken about it. But, formally, today, I want to introduce and expand on this concept of Perpetual Completion, how you can keep yourself in the space of Perpetual Completion. First thing, you deciding and declaring you will be in the space of Perpetual Completion. I tell you, when you are in the space of Perpetual Completion, everything is beautiful, everything will look beautiful! I don't know what examples to give. Again I will go back to my same plant. Even yesterday, I told one Mahant who was walking with me to take a photograph of the plant dropping the flowers and put it in Facebook. I don't know whether they put it. Even yesterday.... Everything will will feel everything is so beautiful, blissful, inside you, outside you. Let me define Perpetual Completion. I don't want to go to some other subject, because, if I talk about the glory of Perpetual Completion, I may miss initiating you into the process of Perpetual Completion. So, let me come back to the process of this Perpetual Completion. First thing, you decide and declare, 'I am in the space of Completion. I decide to reside in the space of Completion forever, and I am going to be in the space of Perpetual Completion.' The moment you declare, your declaration to yourself is the bridge on which now everything can start getting built. That is the foundation. First of all, you need to be convinced within you that you want to be in the space of Completion. Sometimes, these so-called devotees or disciples who are very cunning, they will do some stupid things, and then, before I question them, they will try to get my sympathy by acting very depressed, low, dull, and sending me constantly messages, 'I feel like you are avoiding me.' Yes, I am avoiding you! Get lost!' HAHAHAHAHAHA! They will be sending the message, 'You are avoiding me!' So, what is the purpose? They think I will come out and say, 'No, no, no, I am not avoiding you. Don't worry.' They will try to make me clear, my stand about them, which I never do! If you are in the space of Completion, you will know my default strategy towards everybody is infinite compassion and love. But whenever you try to get it spelt out by me, you are trying to get a rubber-stamp of sanction for the stupidity you have done, which I am not ready. See, I have a default cognition of love for the space of your Completion, not for your stupidity. But you do some stupid things and try to get my rubber-stamp so that you can continue to do the same stupid things. And try to send, 'mamamamamamamamamamama' this kind of messages. And, 'I don't know why you are avoiding me.' These kind of messages are usually to make me come out and say, 'No, I am not avoiding you.' They will come and stand in Sarvadarshan or in Kalpataru Darshan and give a letter: 'I think you are avoiding me.' I never make my stand very clear. Please be very clear, now I am making my stand very clear once for all. Eternally I carry the space of love and compassion, acceptance for your Completion side.

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