Be Responsible, not just Committed!

April 29, 2014


In today's morning Satsang,(28-April-2014) Paramahamsa Nithyananda expanded on responsibility and commitment. He defined a committed person as one who looks at the future from what can go wrong; from a space of incompletion. He defined a responsible person as one who looks at what all can go right; one who moves from completion, planning and gratitude. A responsible person delivers; he does not need to be committed. TRANSCRIPTS:- Today I have a very important subject to expand. Please listen! Come to the space of listening! I am going to create a series of important discourse videos to help all of you understand the common questions like: 'How can I expand my wealth creation ability?', 'I feel I am stuck.', 'I am not sure about my boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse. I don't know whether I want to continue this relationship?', all these kind of common problems and questions. So, yesterday, we were having some kind of a discussion with some of my Shrimahants and Mahants....and "would-be" Mahants. One disciple, a very sincere disciple, but he has not yet committed himself to be a Kothari or Thanedar or Mahant, suddenly, casually I mentioned that, 'You should commit to become a Mahant.' I did not even use the word, 'You should commit....'; I said, 'You should become a Mahant'. He immediately got up and said, 'Swamiji, swamiji, Swamiji, I am afraid of commitment. I want you to solve this conflict. I don't know what to do with responsibility, commitment...all these I am very afraid.' So, I had a few minutes of clarification showering, concentrated chemotherapy on him. Listen! "Clarification Showering", "Concentrated Chemotherapy"! Listen! I am defining these two words. Responsibility is not Commitment. Commitment is not Responsibility. You can be responsible, but totally non-committed! You can be committed, but never be responsible! I will differentiate, I will explain. If you are constantly thinking about your future from powerlessness and go on thinking what all can go wrong, your involvement is called "commitment". If you are constantly looking at your future from the space of Completion and go on looking at what all can go right, your involvement is called "responsibility". Listen! I am the symbol of Total Responsibility and Complete Non-Commitment! I am totally responsible, but completely non-committal. If just a devotee who has attended some free program, sometimes if he is bitten by a snake or he has got into some accident, or it is some emergency, one phone call, I will personally attend, and talk to my secretaries or whoever, and see to it that constantly he is attended, and I get the response back whether healing or whatever I can help. You will see that responsibilism. Same way, if you live around me, you can very clearly smell I am completely non-committal to the whole thing. Listen! Any future plan which erupts out of the pattern "what all can go wrong" is Commitment. Any future plan which comes out of the Completion "what all can go right" is Responsibilism. Responsibility! He (this sincere disciple) asked me again, 'Then what is "accountability" Swami?' I said, 'If you are constantly thinking from "what all can go wrong", even if you are committed, you may be accountable, but you will not be accountable! You may be accountable, but you will not be accountable! You will just stand and say, 'Yes, this is what I am! What can I do? This is the way I am!' Understand, this subject is very, very, very confusing, and people say, 'No, no, no, no, no'. At least in responsibilism I don't want these people separated, because, in the name of responsibility you get a little consolation to worry, space to worry. You are so dedicated to worrying! I took away all your possibility for worrying. If you are integrated, no worry. If you are authentic, no worry. But, if you are responsible, you can continue to worry in the name of responsibility. Now I am purifying the concept of Responsibility. Listen! If you can move based on what all can go right -- I am not saying don't look at what all can go wrong; you may not need to look at what all can go wrong if you look at what all can go right intensely -- looking at what all can go right, I tell you, looking at what all can go right gives you the ability to start two-thousand projects. Even if you win twenty, you may be in the space of unimaginable expansion. The mind which looks at what all can go wrong will not even move to the second project. People constantly say, 'From morning I was making these calls, this, this, this, this, this....' Understand, even when you are doing some action, is your worrying pattern keeping quiet? Is your lust pattern keeping quiet?

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