Be Un-Clutched® worldwide webinar by Paramahamsa Nithyananda

June 21, 2012


In this evening webinar on Unclutching®, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji) reveals the art of his signature technique. The practice of unclutching® is the heartbeat of his wisdom and forms the foundation for our inner transformation. Once we implement the unclutching® process, we can avoid repeating our past experiences and projecting our past into our future. Most of us are prisoners of our past: we repeat the behaviors we are familiar with. This results in the feeling that life is repetitive and boring, that we never experience anything new. When we unclutch®, each moment becomes fresh, exciting and filled with possibility. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today's webinar subject -- Unclutching®! Few basic truths about life, few basic sacred secrets about life -- what is life, what for life! More and more you try to seek answers for these questions, you become seeker; more and more you try to answer these questions for others, you become philosopher. But these questions remain untouched forever because each one has to discover the answer inside them for these questions. For the outer world comforts you don't need to reinvent. Whatever is already invented you can use the same thing. But for the inner world enlightenment you need to discover your religion individually and independently. These questions -- what for life is, what is life, what for life -- these questions raise the intensity of life in you, bring authenticity to your living. I discovered answers to these questions inside me but I will not do the mistake of giving you answer. I will give you the process through which you can discover the answer within yourself. Please understand, if I give you the answer, it will not be your own answer. Any philosophy given readymade like a teaspoon feeding is not going to become part of you; is not going to be enlightening you. It may be philosophy, it may be a bookish knowledge, may be you can be like a librarian sitting with it. But it is not going to be part of your life. My answer to these questions -- what is life, what for life -- will no way be useful for you. You need to find your own answer. I can give you only the process. The process I am offering to all of you to find answers for the basic questions of life is Unclutching®! Understand this word 'Unclutching®'! This word does not exist in Oxford dictionary! Please understand, this word is my contribution to the English language itself! For the English language itself this word is my contribution, because this word does not exist in the Oxford dictionary! It does not exist! One day early morning, like intuition, suddenly this word has flowered in me as a Mahavakya! Mahavakya meansthe Ultimate Truth, the Ultimate Statement! Each Mahavakya is the punch dialogue from one Upanishad. It is a punch from one Upanishad. Each tradition have their own Mahavakya! There are so many Mahavakyas - 'Aham Brahmasmi', Tat Tvam Asi', 'Prajnanam Brahma', 'Brahmaivah Asmi','Ayam Atma Bhrahma'. In Shaiva tradition, Shaiva Sampradayas -- 'Shivo Hum'! There are so many Mahavakyas! Please understand, this word 'Unclutching®', is the Ultimate Spiritual Truth! This process, Unclutching®, can directly upgrade your very consciousness! Today through this webinar I will present Unclutching® as a technique, method to upgrade your consciousness, raising your inner space! When you upgrade your consciousness, raise your inner space, become more authentic, hundreds of good side effects happen -- like you become healthy, you become wealthy, you become a leader, you become more intelligent, you become more balanced, thousands of things happen in you as a side effect of upgrading of your consciousness. Today, I will present Unclutching® as a powerful process to upgrade your consciousness. Understand these three words. Then you will be able to catch truth of Unclutching®. Clutching, Disclutching, Unclutching®; Clutching, Disclutching and Unclutching®! Clutching means you know, holding, getting attached. Disclutching means completely getting disconnected, breaking. Unclutching® means moving back to clutch anytime when it is needed. Understand, when you shift your gears you need to unclutch®. Disclutching won't work. Disclutching means it can be breaking, Even if the gearbox breaks, the gears break, if the shaft breaks, Disclutching can happen. But after the Disclutching the possibility for Clutching again may not exist. Here with Unclutching®, you move out. But you unite again whenever required. Continuously you are clutched to your body, to your mind, to your emotions, with so many things. Now I can say even with your Facebook identity, Twitter identity, even with your Twitter name you identify yourself, clutch yourself; with Facebook identity you clutch yourself, you clutch yourself with thousands of things. The ideas your mind creates, the idea of joy, idea of pain, idea of pleasure, with so many things you clutch! Unclutching®, even if it is practiced sincerely

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