Be Your Boss - Put Time, Energy and Life in What You Do!

August 7, 2016


During the Q&A session of Conquering Life on 31 July, one participant asks Swamiji whether or not to continue working on projects which she picked up from a space of incompletion. As Swamiji explains why and how she can continue working on these projects, he goes into the topic ‘be your own boss’. Beautifully he expands on the value of being your own boss, where we put our time, energy and life into what we are doing. Only when we put our time, energy and life, we find fulfilment in what we do and success and completion happen in our lives. A must see for everyone working for themselves and working for someone else - this video will give you all the inspiration you need to pick up the 2 year project of building your own business, like Swamiji proposes - or to continue building the business you already have.

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