Best Spiritual Daily Routine to Achieve Bhava Samadhi

August 30, 2016


23 August Nithya Satsang: Paramahamsa Nithyananda continues revealing sacred secrets from Kenopanishads dvitīyaḥ khanḍaḥ (second part), 2nd Verse: When we put only our time into something, we get into the basic level understanding. But when we put our energy and life into something, the essence of that thing reveals itself to us. For example if we put our energy and life fully into the morning routine of yoga, pancha kriya, puja, kirtans dancing and Satsang, we can experience the state of Bhava Samadhi. He goes on to reveal: ""Everything I designed - waking up in brahmamuhurata (1 ½ hours before down), doing yoga or doing pancha kriya or doing puja or doing kirtans or sitting in the Satsang, everything I have designed clearly to give you the chit gana anubhava -embodied state of consciousness."" nāhaṁ manye suvedeti no na vedeti veda ca | yo nastadveda tadveda no na vedeti veda ca || 2.2 || [The disciple said:] I do not think that I know It (Brahman) well and not that I do not know It—‘I know and I do not know as well.’ One, who amongst us, subjectively cognizes and knows that Consciousness to be—‘not that I do not know It’ (the Notunknown Reality) and also ‘I know It not’ (the Unknown Reality)—truly knows that Brahman, Consciousness.

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