Beware and Be Aware of Ignorance: Patanjali Yoga Sutra 74 - Nithyananda Morning Satsang

December 8, 2010


From today, 6 Dec 2010, Paramahamsa Nithyananda will give his daily morning satsang messages to the world on Patanjali Yoga Sutras. Patanjali is one of the greatest Siddhas'. Nithyananda declared that He does not need to spend separate time and title to speak on the Siddha tradition. Because Siddhas have already become his very being, bone marrow and blood. So, any subject He talks will naturally reveal Siddhas' expression through His own experience. Patanjali Yoga Sutras is a well-known book scripture all over the world. So, by sharing His experience on the truth, lot more seekers will be helped. Starting His message with the topic "Beware and Be Aware of Ignorance", Nithyananda spoke on the deeper truths about ignorance, warning us to be 'beware of ignorance' as an intellectual waking-up and to 'be aware' -- as a technique to go beyond ignorance. Beware and be aware, both need to be experienced. How to experience both the space? Patanjali is guiding us with Sutra 75, chapter 2.24 -- "Tasya Hetur Avidya". Nithyananda commented on the 24th Sanskrit verse as "Ignorance is the cause of unawareness of Purusha, the consciousness about its real nature. Ignorance is the cause of identification of consciousness as matter, matter as consciousness and responsible for all your sufferings you have in your life". He further defined ignorance as 'intellectual perversion'. What is intellectual perversion? He explained, "Any idea, that works on you and creates restful awareness is 'Shastra', means knowledge, spiritual truth. Any idea which works in you and creates violence anger, an unsettled end. See, all ideas lead you to a further, and further and further to an end at one point. If it just ends abruptly without getting the completion or without reaching its logical conclusion just by kind of a suffering. Either violence towards you or others. That's what I call intellectual perversion, ignorance. Ignorance brings suffering. If you just leave it as ignorance, it will be ignorance. If you start working based on the ignorance, those decisions, it becomes suffering. " Taking us deeper into understanding of 'intellectual perverted conclusions', he expanded on ignorance with, "Any thought you conceived and not taking it to its logical conclusion is ignorance. And not only stopping in between, using the ideas and conclusions which you derived by stopping in between as a strategy for your future and making decisions out of those inconclusive conclusions. Using those things as a strategy for your future and making decisions about your future is the most dangerous poison in your life." Nithyananda gave the ultimate technique to go beyond ignorance, quoting the example of Parikshit, as born aborted and revived by Shri Krishna, "Life is a simple management. If you know clearly about the strategy for you future, life just flows. I am telling you any thought you start ensure that you reach its logical conclusion. Don't be stuck in half. Stuck thought is equivalent to aborted child. Any thought which you started is your child. The moment a thought happens in you, you are pregnant. Now. See that it grows, you cherish it, nourish it, deliver it and properly take it to a logical conclusion. Means see that it becomes a matured adult or stop the very conceiving process by unclutching. If you already conceived, see that it becomes a matured child. Don't have aborted child or after giving birth the immatured mentally retarded kids. It is dangerous for you. " He told all the devotees, disciples present and watching live through eNTV web channel to HAVE PATIENCE. At least have 1% of his tremendous patience to take all our logical thoughts to a conclusion. Because of his compassion for the society, He has tremendous patience to sit through and stand up. He has nothing to gain. Because whatever thinking process He started in His life, He has taken it to its logical conclusion, experienced it, realized it, digested it. He is living it. Whether it is intellectual thought or desire or fear or anything He started in He life, He has its fulfillment. That is what He says as being liberated from Prarabdha, the unfulfilled desires for which you take birth to complete the Prarabdha.

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