Beware of the wrong company!

January 4, 2014


In today's (4th January, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains the importance of knowing who we are and additionally, knowing the people with whom we associate. Our fate is decided by this group of people, our Sangha -- we must be careful of our choices! We should never associate with self-doubt, self-hatred, or self-denial. Just one wrong association can crush and destroy all the good qualities we carry! TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I welcome all of you with my love and blessings. Today, I'll expand on Causing Enlightenment, Mahabharata characters, and Kalpataru, because all these three are very closely connected. Please understand, first thing, Karna is the embodiment of Charity. I can say, he had all the best qualities, in a way little more than Arjuna. Just only one mistake -- association with self-denial, Duryodhana; that's all. Bhishma, embodiment of Dharma, Righteousness. I can say Righteousness is one aspect of Dharma. Giving, giving is another one aspect of Dharma. That is why, in Sanskrit, for Giving, for Righteousness, for all these great qualities, the same word -- "Dharma" -- is used. And Acharya Dhrona, amazing knowledge and ability to teach but all this will be of no use if it joins with self-denial, Duryodhana. Dhritarashtra is the embodiment of Self-Doubt. Shakuni, embodiment of Self-Hatred. Duryodhana, embodiment of Self-Denial. If Bhishma, Dhrona, Karna, all of them have moved out of Duryodhana, what an amazing heroes they are. Even Pancha Pandavas are nothing in front of these characters. So, it is very important for you to know: Not only who you are, with whom you associate -- your sangha -- also needs to be right. Whether you join satsangha or dussangha, your sangha also decides your fate. You can't say, 'No, no, no, no, wherever I am I'll protect myself.' No, you are not that powerful, you are not that intelligent, you are not that capable. Even Bhishma thought he will protect himself and protect Hastinapura, he will save Hastinapura kingdom, he will save Duryodhana. Dhrona never thought he will not be able to save Duryodhana. Dhrona really would have thought he will save Hastinapura. Bhishma would never have imagined in his life he has to throw arrows at Krishna whom he worshipped every day, his own ishta devatha, he has to throw arrows at him! The tradition says, Krishna has to come to Chennai, Triplicane, Thiruvallikeni, get treated for all his Bhishma Bana, the wounds created in his body and face by the Bhishmas arrows. No one elses arrows were able to touch Krishna, but Bhishma Banas created wounds on Krishna's body. Still the Parthasarathi in Triplicane , the deity carries the wounds all over the face and the body; and, even now, in the season after that Kurukshetra War, that forty days, he is given an ayurvedic herbal bath, ayurvedic herbs are applied on the deity, and no one is allowed to have darshan; he is left to rest and recuperate. Bhishma would never have imagined he will be forced to throw arrows at his own ishta devata! Understand; never ever associate yourself with Duryodhanas, the dussangha. Even the characters like Bhishma, the embodiment of Righteousness, lot of Integrity and Authenticity, lot of Integrity. Sure, the power of his Integrity would have saved him. No one was able to kill him. Even Arjuna is not able to kill him. But his whole Integrity is made useless. He was not dead, he was not killed, but he was made useless, just lying on the arrow-bed in the Kurukshetra. So, understand, Bhishma, embodiment of Integrity, Karna, embodiment of Charity. What a giving style! One of our Sanyasanis was coming in the flight. The air-hostess, male guy, he saw her watch and said that the watch is very pretty. The watch she was wearing was with Rudraksha. Then immediately, she took it and gave it away. See, as a Sannyasi, the moment you like something I have to give it away. The air-hostess he was shocked! He couldn't understand. He said 'No, no, no, no!' She said, 'it's OK please have it.' I was so happy when I saw that scene. Even the Sannyas has to be practiced continuously. I am very clear, I don't own anything, but whatever is there belongs to the Sangha. If anything is mine and anybody asks, it is theirs! Karna is Charity. The amazing quality of Charity he had. Every one of us should meditate on Karna to imbibe that quality of Charity. Unimaginable quality of Charity. Warfield, about to die, even at that moment, when Krishna comes and asks him for all the punyas he has done, Karna doesn't care, doesn't bother. He knows if he gives away all the punyas, immediately he will be dead. But he gave it. That is why, Vyasa when he writes, for nobody else he uses the word "moksha".

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