Bhakthi: The Ultimate Esctacy (2010 November 09) - Nithyananda Morning Satsang Message

November 17, 2010


Continuing with his discourse on the Sacred Sentiments, Paramahamsa Nithyananda explained that all the great truths in the world, whether they are scientific, spiritual, societal, or mundane, are nothing but the fantasy of the moving consciousness. For instance, famous scientist Carl Sagan's concept of time and the universe matches the Vedic Rishis' concept (spiritual). In fact, many scientists agree that only the Vedic truths match the scientific truths. Westerners have trouble accepting this because the Vedantic culture comes from the East. Many believe it is an accident that these ancient thinkers could so closely match modern day thinkers. They are wrong. The fact is, everything is a fantasy, a wave happening in illusion. Science just explains the fantasy in a different language than the spiritual community, the Sacred Sentiments. Scientific explanations create a horizontal line in your brain, which creates heaviness in our being, even depression. Sacred Sentiments create a vertical line in your heart, which can lead to lightness, levitation. India used to be based on Sacred Sentiments, but as this is disappearing, the incident of teen suicide is increasing. In fact, India has the most teen suicides of any country in the world. Paramahamsa Nithyananda's concern was palpable. He said that unless India awakens the ability to cherish and share Sacred Sentiments in its youth, it will lose its most cherished resource. He urgently requested that the youth of India learn the Sacred Sentiments, learn to live from their hearts as much as their minds. Paramahamsa Nithyananda said that if there were as many sanyases as IT professionals in India, the young people would have more to live for. He offered to outsource sanyases to the rest of the world in exchange for all the IT jobs being outsourced to India. When there are as many worldwide Healing Towers as IT call centres, there will be hope. He read the lyrics to a song written by the famous mystical singer and devotee of lord Krishna, Meera. In the bhakti tradition, they are in passionate praise of lord Krishna: Unbreakable, O Lord, Is the love That binds me to You: Like a diamond, It breaks the hammer that strikes it. My heart goes into You As the polish goes into the gold. As the lotus lives in its water, I live in You. Like the bird That gazes all night At the passing moon, I have lost myself dwelling in You. O my Beloved - Return. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today's satsang's subject is 'Bhakti - the ultimate ecstasy'. As some of you may be aware these few days I am expressing some of the great experiences and truths related to sacred sentiments. Another one important definition of sentiment, please understand, in the whole world all knowledge, whether eastern or western, scientific or fictious, superstition or fact, myth or history, religious or spiritual, spiritual or science or spiritual truth or scientific superstition, whatever way you mix and match, whatever you call as knowledge in the world, is nothing but the fantasy of moving consciousness. Please understand I am defining some of the basic truths. Whether it is Stephen Hawkins theories of the origins of the universe or Einstein's theory of relativity or the great upanishadic rishis declaration of pornamadah poornamidam poornaat poornamudachyate or the Arunagirinadar's very simple innocent begging aria nimisha neramatil charana kamalaalayethil bavamurai dhyanam vykhya ariyene a simple innocent begging - even half a minute I am not able to put my being at your feet O lord! I am not able to meditate on you. Whether it is the Einstein's theory of relativity or the declaration of Isavasya Upanishad in poornamadah poornamidam or a simple begging of Arunagirinadar saying that half a minute I am not able to put myself at your feet, everything is fantasy; understand, everything is fantasy. Of course the fantasy word is a small word but no other word. I am not able to get any other word so I am using that word. Means everything is just a wave happening in something which has no definition or scale to measure how much of it is reality, how much of it is a fantasy, how much of it can be followed, how much of it can be realized. That is why I am saying sarvam mithya. The whole thing is a wave happening in illusion. If there is some fantasy, is described in the words which you already have meaning and looks very logical for the new meaning you are able to derive; it is called science. Please understand there are some fantasies which are described in words which you already have some meaning and when you derive a new meaning for this new description, makes little sense, is called science. So any sentiment makes a straight line in your brain, is called straight line; is science. Any sentiment which makes a sweetness in your heart is called sacred sentiment, devotion; that's all. Yesterday whole night I was in samadhi contemplating on the boundary between sacred sentiment and science.

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