Biggest Mistake of Hinduism

July 21, 2014


In today's (20th July, 2014) morning satsang from Haridwar Paramahamsa Nithyananda spoke about completion with others, who are not really others but extensions of ourselves. He spoke of how it is common for a person to do 20 years or more of spiritual practice but not be on speaking terms with his family members. This is a blind spot about the humans in our life. Completion with the people around you is necessary to live in the space of perpetual completion that is Living Advaitha. TRANSCRIPTS:- Please listen! For Hindus, this is one of the biggest blind spots. In every street in India, you will find at least two-three persons who are meditating, doing puja for the last twenty-five years. So, meditating twenty years, doing puja for twenty years, doing some spiritual practice for twenty years and all is not a big thing in India; but, if you look into their lives, they will not even be talking to their spouse, they will not even be on talking terms with their siblings, they will not even be on talking terms with their own kids! Understand, this is one of the biggest blind spots Hindus suffer from. They think Advaitha, enlightenment, is like a relationship between you and God where you are individually having a contract with God; what you do to him, he does to you, it is only related to that; and you are like a water-tight compartment, island; and whatever you do will be kept in accounts, and when you leave the body that God will send a special flight and just airlift you. No! It is one of the most unfortunate beliefs and blind spots with which we Hindus are suffering. Please understand, I have seen some of the greatest dharmic people who really, really, are sitting and doing meditation, japa, puja, spiritual practices for years; but just their own spouse, daughter, son, kids, they cannot handle! Because, neither they thought nor they have been told that others are nothing but extension of you, part of you. We never put our energy in that direction. That is one of the biggest blind spots. This is also one of the biggest blind spots in our spirituo-socio fabric. Even though we are such a strong religious society, community, the spirituo-socio fabric of Completion amongst us is missing. That is why the Dharma, the Vedic tradition has to face so much of difficulties, so much of suffering. Completion amongst us is one of the important spiritual qualities which need to be practiced and enriched. Please understand, Completion amongst us! You will never find these funny things anywhere else in the world. In the same village, same temple, in the morning one group will go and do puja in a different way; in the evening another group will go and do puja in a different way. Both timings cannot clash. If somebody goes early and does puja, or if somebody goes late and does puja, there will be a riot and bloodshed! In the morning, one team will go and decorate the deity with green saree, and in the evening the other team will go and decorate the same deity with red saree. Green saree team, if there is some delay, the red saree team will straightaway kill them! If red saree team goes a little bit early, the green saree team will just kill them! Many of the Indian villages suffer with this kind of ignorance just because we have not understood this one important factor, we have not told the world, we have not told others, we have not enriched ourselves and others the very important truth: OTHERS ARE NOTHING BUT OUR OWN EXTENSION! Our parents, our kids, our spouse, our brothers, our siblings, our sisters, everyone is extension of the patterns we carry, understand? If you think, 'Why should I?', they will also be thinking, 'Why should I?' If you think, 'Why not me?', they will also think, 'Why not me?' It is one of the biggest blind spots. And, one more thing, it is very unfortunate we emphasize so much about this "other world". Even in Mahabharata, end of the war, both sides' people know, each know they will achieve heaven and there all of them will live happily. Then why don't you guys settle that before itself and live here happily? Karna knows that if he is killed in the war, he will achieve the Veera Swarga; means heaven. And he knows the opposite side's Arjuna will also be there in the same Veera Swarga, and they are going to live peacefully. And Duryodhana knows he is going to live with Dharmaraja, Yudhishtira, in Veera Swarga. Shakuni knows he is going to live with Nakula and Sahadeva in Veera Swarga. Virata knows he is going to live with Drona in Veera Swarga. Bhishma knows he is going to live with everyone in Veera Swarga. Dhritarashtra knows he is going to live with Pandu in Veera Swarga. They all know it!

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