Biology Defined by an Incarnation

November 25, 2014


In today’s (24th November, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda teaches us about the important role that muscle memory and biomemory plays in our actions and decisions. He explains deeper level secrets about how our system and being can be prepared to accept the Shivoham experience. The Master is the most important component in this process, making the Inner Awakening program the key to our transformation. TRANSCRIPTS:- I will expand on the science of bio-memory. Please listen! I will introduce these two-three words. Whatever you do in your life every day, like how you wake up from the bed in the morning, how you brush your teeth, how you clean your body, how you dress up, how you eat, how you play or do some physical exercise, or how you work, or lie down, or sleep, all these physical activity which you are doing using your muscles, those patterns get engraved in your muscle-memory. Please understand, in your muscle-memory, they get engraved. For example, if your muscle-memory is programmed to sleep that morning five o’clock, even if you sleep whole day, that morning five o’clock you can’t open your eyes. Unless you complete with your muscle-memory, you can’t open your eyes even if you sleep whole day. Next day morning you may think, ‘Oh, yesterday whole day I slept. Today morning I will be able to get up five o’clock and go for Rudrabhishekam.’ No! Five o’clock, you will see you can’t even open your eyes, because, muscle-memory is programmed! Unless you complete with that muscle-memory and re-programme it, you can’t make. The day-to-day activities done with the help of the muscles get programmed in muscle-memory, and the ideas based on which you make this decision, ideas based on which you make this decision, they get programmed in your bio-memory. Please understand, I am defining Biology. Biology, please listen, Biology is the zone where your very core existence touches your body to operate. The heart, the heart muscles, heart muscles does not have muscle-memory, please listen. Heart, your physical heart does not have muscle-memory. That is why, fortunately, it is running on its own! It does not have muscle-memory. It cannot be controlled by your muscle-memory. It is controlled by your bio-memory. The brain tissues, they do not have muscle-memory. It is controlled by your bio-memory. Wherever your consciousness, your soul, the Jeeva, the Individual Soul connects with your body to operate your body, means, the decision-making points, where the decisions are made, where constantly the decision-making mechanism is stored, that point is what I call ‘bio-memory’. Listen to these terms, because, if you understand this, it can really open up the experience of Shivoham in you. Listen! ‘Muscle-memory’ is your actions, pattern of your actions. ‘Bio-memory’ is pattern of your decisions. ‘Cause’ is bio-memory; ‘Effect’ is muscle-memory. Listen! ‘Cause’ is bio-memory; ‘Effect’ is muscle-memory. If this pillow is muscle-memory, what is the cause of this pillow? The cotton, source material; that source material is bio-memory. Understand, purifying your bio-memory is too easy for me because I am sitting in you as a Jeeva (Individual Soul), ‘Antharyami’ (in-dweller). Your ‘Antharyami’ is my ‘Antharyami’. When Bhagawan claims, Bhagawan Krishna claims in Gita that ‘I exist as ‘Antharyami’, in all your beings’, he is not lying; he is telling the truth. Because, only in the muscle-memory we belong to different caste, different community, different religion, different nation; when it comes to the level of bio-memory, the differences get blurred. The difference is more like human or animal or dinosaur. That differences gets blurred. When it goes to the deeper level of bio-memory, there is no difference; one Cosmic unity, the one Cosmic existence, the natural existence of life, Dhamma. Please understand, the word exactly ‘Dharma’ means ‘natural existence of life’. If you eat when you are hungry, if you just sleep when you are feeling sleepy, if you just be when you don’t feel like moving, functioning, if you are active when you feel like acting without the hatred towards being active, you are established in Dharma. The biggest, first biggest difficulty starts is your hatred towards being active, your anger, violence towards being active. There starts the delusion. Then, naturally, you do not know when you want to rest, when you want to be active, when you are feeling hungry, when you are feeling sleepy. LINK FOR FULL TRANSCRIPTS:- video/

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