Break the Pattern of 'not possible'

about 10 years ago


In today's morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda speaks on the famous phrase from Chapter 2, Verse 47 of Bhagavad Gita, Yogahah Karmasu Kaushalam. It has been rendered from Sanskrit by many sages. Today Nithyananda reveals a new translation: Yoga is Authenticity in Action. To achieve authenticity we must break our root patterns. The fundamental collective root pattern we all carry is the belief that many things are impossible. Nithyananda tells us emphatically that nothing is impossible. For the next year He enjoins us to push against any action or thought of impossibility, to understand that everything is possible! This is Yoga -- authenticity in action. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- SCIENCE OF LIVING ENLIGHTENMENT -- I will expand on this subject, SCIENCE OF LIVING ENLIGHTENMENT. Please understand, first I wanted you to understand this one word: "Yogaha Karmasu Kaushalam" "Yoga is Authenticity in action" "Yogaha Karmasu Kaushalam", I am translating as "Yoga is Authenticity in action". Not just "perfection in action"; "Authenticity in action". Listen! Authenticity in your thinking - means, raising you to the peak. Raising you, again and again, higher and higher, expanding you more and more. Listen, the moment I say 'expanding you more and more, continuously', how many of you feel, 'Oh, God! Then it is unending process! It can never end at all! I will never be able to rest at all! It is unending process!' How many of you feel? Raise your hand! You are all death-oriented! Understand! First thing you need to do is break that pattern. See, how many of you desire you should live forever? You desire you should live forever, but when I give the process, you don't want to do! See, the contradiction! If you feel 'Oh, God, Authenticity is a unending process! I have to expand, expand, expand! I am not going to retire at all! I will never be allowed to retire at all', if you have that feeling, then commit suicide! Now! You are retired NOW! You can rest now once for all! But that is not solution. Committing suicide is not solution. If that is solution, then all of us could have committed suicide. No! Life is expansion. Life is expansion. Life is expansion. Listen! Come to the space of listening! Life is expansion. Whoever cherishes that idea, 'Continuous expansion? Then I will never have rest! It will never end!' you are entertaining death in your heart! So, don't blame if you get the diseases, killer diseases in your life, because you invited! The idea you entertain in your life invites different happenings of life. When you feel 'Wow, I am going to expand, expand, expand! Authenticity is the best principle!', then understand, you are entering into Akshardham, eternal life! Break the pattern, "I am never going to rest or what". Why do you need rest? Increasing the speed of running is rest! Increase the speed of running. Make it into flying! It is rest! Reduce the friction. You see, in the road when you drive, when you run, there is friction; because two things are contacting each other. If you want bliss, joy, peace, don't reduce the speed. Reduce the friction. Just take off! Your body, mind, inner space, consciousness, whatever you feel about you, go on expanding, expanding, expanding! That is the only way life can continue to ooze in you, overflow in you. If you say, 'No, I can expand; See, now I do two hours of work. I will make it into four hours; not more than that. Then I will rest.' No! No! Make it into twenty-four hours and few minutes extra! And penetrate into time! Whenever you need more time, whenever you need to do more work, stop the time, complete the work, and allow time to move! You can do! An ordinary Indian housewife, Savithri, did it! She is not a Rishi, Saint, Sadhu, Mahatma, Siddha, Yogi. No! Ordinary housewife in India! She did it! She told the Sun, 'Don't rise till I get my husband back!' Power of Authenticity! God! Listen, Sun listened! Sun listened! It is possible! Don't think only it is possible for Savithri. Because she made it possible, she became Savithri! If you make it possible, you will become Savithri! There is no such thing as 'It is possible only for Savithri!' Because she made it possible, she is Savithri! Listen,You always say, 'No! No! That is only for Savithri!' I have seen! I have seen many, many, many times, ordinary people making it happen. Making it happen! And I have seen many times even great sadhus missing it! I know! One organization, religious organization, whole organization strongly believes no one can achieve the space of their founder. They feel, 'No! That is all over! Now nobody else can become Paramahamsa!' Authenticity of the organization is lost! I tell you, I give this as command; Nithyananda Sangha should go on producing Paramahamsas and incarnations! You will continue to believe and work and succeed in producing millions of Nithyanandas! Nithyanandas more qualified than the original Nithyananda!

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