Burning the Roots is complete completion

February 12, 2014


9th February, 2014 In today's morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda details the importance of completing all aspects of our root pattern. In addition to pulling a tree out from the ground, we need to burn the ground, making sure the roots can't re-sprout again. In the same way, once we complete with our root pattern, we still need to burn our consciousness so that the root pattern cannot come back to life, negatively affecting us again. This powerful process is called Complete Completion. Through Complete Completion, we experience the Ultimate -- the Divine, God, Mahadeva! TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I welcome all of you with my love and blessings. Today, in the Inner Awakening, we are going to be working on "Complete Completion". Please understand, just by removing a tree completely, just by uprooting a tree, you cannot be safe that nothing else will grow in that place or that tree won't happen again in that place. No! You need to understand a very important thing. You just see here outside, on the ground where Nithyananda Sabha is going to be built, there were hundreds of Neem trees. We uprooted all of them and cleared the land. But go and see; at least fifty Neem trees are again back! Even if you uproot the tree, the essence of the tree stays in the ground. So, when the water comes, and the Sun comes, the tree starts happening again. There are some trees, you don't need a full tree for that tree to happen; just the essence of that tree is enough in the mud; it will grow! There is a herb; just the essence of that herb is enough; it will grow! Same way, just removing your root-pattern is not going to completely liberate you. How to stop the tree from happening again? How to make sure the tree will not happen again? How to make sure the tree is not going to sprout again? Burning, boiling the very root, the very land, so that the root can never sprout. Same way, burning your consciousness, purifying to the root from where even the root-patterns cannot grow; that is what I call "Complete Completion". "Manonmaniya Vidya" in Sanskrit we call it. "Mana Unmana" -- "Awakening the Inner Space". Awakening the inner-space -- "Mana Unmana". Please listen, awakening the inner-space. With this process of Complete Completion, we make sure that even if there is a smell or the essence of the root-patterns existing in the ground, in the soil, it does not sprout again, it does not grow again. Mahadevi, Rajarajeshwari is gracing us on the fourth day of the Brahmotsavam as the Manonmani. Fourth day today, it is the Rajarajeshwari Brahmotsavam. Devi is gracing us on the Suvarna Gaja Vahana, Golden Elephant Vahana and gracing as Manonmani. Manonmani, please understand, "Mana Unmana". "Unmana" means "awakening". "Mana" means "inner space". The Complete Completion awakens your inner-space completely and does not allow any leftover, unattended roots of the root-patterns. For a Neem tree to happen again, one inch old root is enough. Please understand, just if an inch-length old root is left without being removed, the tree will happen again; you don't need a seed! For a Banyan tree to happen again, just a three inch root if it is left without being removed from the land, that is enough; it will happen again; you don't need a seed! For your root-patterns to grow again, you don't need to leave three inch or one inch; just if you go back and see the same people, it is enough! If you see the same people who are responsible for your root-pattern, that is enough! Understand, the Complete Completion is like ensuring the safety, ensuring the spiritual protection. Today, in the Inner Awakening program, we are going to be doing the process for Complete Completion. See, with the Complete Completion, the liberated thinking starts in your system. "Liberated Thinking" means, awakening all the powers for which your body is built. Please understand, there are some people who have the latest, best cell-phones, but they don't even know how to send an SMS! They can only switch on, speak, switch off and keep it. For that you don't need the best, latest-model seven-thousand rupees, eight-thousand rupees cell-phone. Just eight-hundred rupees, nine-hundred rupees cell-phone is enough. Having the best, updated, seven to eight-thousand rupees cell-phone, but not knowing how to use all the facilities in it, just you pick up, speak, and leave it back, this is what most of us are doing with our body! Our body is basically hard-wired, our brain is hard-wired, the system is developed to experience so many extraordinary powers. Understand, you are not built just to be a Clerk, just to be an Attendant, or just to be a worker. Your being is basically built in to experience God, to experience the divine, to experience the Ultimate, to experience Complete Completion, to experience Mahadeva! Understand, your body is basically built for experiencing many extraordinary things.

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