Cambodia – The Civilization of Enlightenment

November 5, 2014


In today’s (05th November, 2014) Morning Satsang "Cambodia – The Civilization of Enlightenment", Paramahamsa Nithyananda illustrates another unique aspect of Hinduism in that it gives everyone the space to argue. Who wants you to argue? Hinduism is about giving people the truths to experience on their own, setting the stage for analysis and debate, not to blindly follow an obscure ideal. He states how the pure Advaitha presented by Upanishads will be the thought current for this modern age and our developed brains – only the lifestyle of the ancient rishis can with stand the scrutiny of the current developed brains. TRANSCRIPTS:- I am just full of temples, temples, temples! Especially, Cambodia temples! I am looking at the whole thing from the perspective of how did they generate such large enthusiasm to do a one-pointed action. Please understand, Hinduism is a religion which always gaves place and space for debates, arguments, different concepts, ideologies. Please understand, I am using the words specifically – ‘place’ and ‘space’. Means, Hindu kings always gave a place for other religious people, other thought-trend, other philosophies, other thinking, everything to flourish. We always had a place; our kings always gave the place and even the space. Please understand, whoever can lead us to a more enlightened life, deeper clarity, higher experience, we followed them. That is the beauty of this great tradition! That is why this tradition was never behind organization or infrastructure; it was behind the charismatic beings. People ask me sometime: ‘Swamiji, why do Hinduism only produce so many incarnations?’ Because the need! Please understand, in Hinduism you can never shine, you can never have followers, you can never have people listening to you just because you are Head of a mutt, monastery, or infrastructure, organization. You need charisma! The need naturally makes beings to expand the unimaginable level of enlightenment. If you have to guide people in Hinduism, it is your ability to lead them to the higher experience; that is important. No one will care about the organization structure, which organization you are Head, and what post. Posts have no meaning in Hinduism. Anybody can have any title. Simply you can have title ‘Jagat Guru’; no one can question you. You can say, ‘I have one disciple, his name is ‘Jagat’. So, I am ‘Jagat Guru’!’ HAHAHAHAHAHA! No one can question you. In Hinduism there is no such thing as somebody giving you some title. Even if somebody gives you the title, unless you radiate the charisma, no one will be following you. See the whole history of India and Hinduism. First comes Krishna. Seeing his charisma, the whole country follows him. Then comes Buddha who is completely opposite ideology. But seeing his charisma and ability to lead people into enlightenment experience, the whole country followed him. Then came Shankara. Just his ability to lead people into experience, simply the whole country followed him. Then came Nagarjuna who is completely opposite to Shankara. But his ability to lead people to experience, the whole country followed him. So, we never followed any infrastructure, organization. We followed the beings’ ability to lead us into the next level. That is why I am saying, so much of place and space was offered for further thinking, developing, research, development, debate, argument. Some people may think this is the weakness of Hinduism. I tell you, this is the strength of Hinduism, because, the future, every field is going to be accepted with the transparent, analytic, the possibility for further research and development methods. In the future, whether it is medicine or law of the land or social lifestyle understandings or construction methodologies or the way we cook and eat, the way we dress, our belief, faiths, philosophies, religions, everything, please understand, everything is going to be accepted after thorough debate and thorough analysis. So, in this modern era, era of thinking, please understand, the modern era of thinking, Hinduism is the only tradition which is inbuilt to withstand this modern era of thinking, the modern Thinking Age. The other day I was talking to some of my ashramites. I was explaining an important concept: human brain, even in physical size, it is expanding, please understand! LINK FOR FULL TRANSCRIPTS:- video/cambodia-%E2%80%93-civilization-enlightenment

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