Cambodia - The Feast of Enlightenment

November 1, 2014


In today’s (31st October, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda shares insights on the building of Hindu temples. Just knowledge of architecture is not enough to build a temple; there needs to be tremendous inspiration, excitement, and enthusiasm. Knowledge and greed builds palaces and fear built the pyramids. But with temple building, everyone has to be convinced of the ideology. The artisans not only need the skill, but to express the visualization, he needs to be convinced about the ideology from which those visualizations are coming out. That is the space from which Angkor Wat was built. TRANSCRIPTS:- First thing I wanted to tell you guys, the more and more I am studying about this Cambodia temples to explain to all of you, the more and more I am getting addicted. I have to use the right word – ‘intoxicated’! I am just getting intoxicated, overwhelmed, just by reading about those temples! See, Cambodia is not new for me. Even in this body I visited just a few years before and spent a lot of time. But, now, when I am sitting and studying to present to all you guys, this is the word I have to use: It is ‘intoxicating’ even to read and study! It is overwhelming! I am basically a temple guy. I don’t need anything in my life other than one temple and one pillar for me to lean on it. That’s all! I will be sitting and leaning on the pillar in any one corner and just go on chanting ‘Shiva! Shiva! Shiva! Shiva!’ Nothing, nothing much is required for me in my life. When I feel I sat too long, I will just walk, go around the temple. When I feel I have walked enough, I want to sit, I will sit in that corner again and chant ‘Shiva! Shiva! Shiva!’ I don’t actually need anything other than just one corner of a temple. I can spend my whole life just sitting in one corner of a temple, because I am a temple person. Even this Bidadi temple that is why I am building! I am not building for anybody. I am just building it for me! So, whenever I feel like walking, I will just go round, go round, go round, go round. When I feel like sitting, I will just sit and gaze at the deity. That’s all! If some temple allows me to spend my whole day whenever I find time in the temple, I will not even build my own temple! Because nearby there is no other temple and no temple will allow whenever I want to sit as I want, I am building my own temple! That’s all! I am basically a temple person, understand, who lives in temple, loves temple. So, it is almost like a feast for me when I am reading about this Cambodia. I tell you guys, it is not just feast, for all you guys it is going to be feast! It is not just a feast for me, because, I mastered the science of - anything I enjoy, how to make others also enjoy that! If I am enjoying Advaitha, I know how to cook that and serve to you, how to make you enjoy it. Same way, these temples! I wanted all of you to know, just the knowledge of architecture, construction, is not enough to build a temple. It needs tremendous inspiration, excitement, enthusiasm! Please understand, architectural knowledge and one person’s greed is enough to build palaces. If that person is able to pay you or frighten you, you will build palaces, pyramids. That is the way pyramids are built. Pyramids are built by people who are frightened. Palaces are built by people who are greedy. Palaces and pyramids and all can be built just by one king who is able to pay money to workers or frighten people to work with a little architectural knowledge. But temple can’t be built like that. Because, in building temple, every person who is working needs to be convinced about the ideology, because, the whole structure is involved with artistically expressed ideological conviction. Please understand, I am using a long word – ‘artistically expressed ideological conviction’. The person needs to be an artist. He needs to have the skill to express his artistic visualized capabilities, his visualization. And, above all, he needs to be convinced about the ideology from which those visualizations are coming out. I will take the example of Angkor Wat temple, where, around 3.8 kilometres length, Mahabharata whole scenes are carved, and 3.8 kilometres length, the Ksheera Saagara, Ksheera Saagara Manthana, means, ‘churning of the milky ocean’, is carved. LINK FOR FULL TRANSCRIPTS:- video/cambodia-feast-enlightenment

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