Change Your Past to Change Your Future

over 10 years ago


In today's morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda reminds his followers that there is no such thing as impossibility. The concept of failure is founded on our edited past memories. Completing with the past clears our destiny for a clean future in which we understand that everything is possible. If we allow a project to fail it is because we do not implement it with integrity. If others reject our project it is because they sense our inauthenticity. Complete authenticity acts as a magnet: it attracts an authentic response in others and leads them to have confidence in us. Nithyananda addresses the attitude of limiting a project by assessing whether it is practical. Practicality is based only on our past experiences of limitation. When we dispense with practicality our horizon becomes infinite. We should not live even one day without making one thing possible that seems impossible. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today we will start the satsang with the subject Integrity. Bhoopathi in Mettur Dhyanapeetam blessings for your daughter's valayakaapu. Listen. By nature God built you with integrity. Your in built innate nature is integrity. That is why you are so fulfilled.... For example,you are thinking....when these non .....listen. When there is a knot in the thought, you are ready for a failure. Non-integrity first quality is you will feel everything is impossible. Everyone should know if "I" am possible, If "I" can exist, nothing is impossible! Impossible itself is "I am possible!" No the lack of integrity is first thing... diagnosis for lack of integrity. How there is diagnosis for each disease if you feel giddy it can be low BP, if you have continuous knee pain it can be arthritis. When you feel continuously impossible in your life, you are suffering from a disease called lack of integrity. You need to sit and complete with you. A situation failing, you failing, your idea of you failing, please listen - situation failing, you failing, your idea of you failing - all this three is nothing but perverted integrity. Not only lack of integrity, you are integrated to your perversion. Listen. In the flesh and blood which is matter, consciousness growing is the greatest miracle. When I is possible, how can anything be impossible. I know you are not convinced because you don't know the science. I know the science that is why I am telling you. Your body is after all just a flesh and blood. Your brain is nothing special. Many don't have brain. Even if they have it is just some fat and muscle put in a confused way. But consciousness is being experienced. This is the highest miracle I tell you. When that miracle is possible, how can anything be impossible? The ideas you carry about your old failures. I tell you every idea you carry about your past is wrong. Before changing your future, change your past. Unless you change your past, you cannot change your future. Immediately you think how can i change my past? it has happened already. No. The idea you carry about your past is completely wrong. You are not carrying it as it happened. You are carry it in the edited created version....all the sound effect, volume effect, music effect. Please listen. With all my experience I tell you. Yesterday I changed one important statement. People usually tell you how much ever you listen, unless you can practice you will not achieve it. I said now I am telling an important statement. People usually say don't bother about past, change the future. I tell you don't bother about future, change your past because your future lies in your past. Change your past. The hangover you carry about the past is the disease you are carrying and unless you complete your past, you cannot transform... I tell you the load of your past perverted integrity is prison. Making whatever you think as impossible into possibility is integrity. The idea impossible is nothing but lack of integrity. Why anything will not be possible? Not only when i say something, even in your life, you cannot h ave this in your constitution. Please understand. The conscious constitution. The word impossible cannot exist even in your conscious constitution. There is nothing called impossible. It is the weight of the past. Their logic seems to be very strong.

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