Choose Completion, Not Competition

February 2, 2014


In today's (23rd January, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda declares that we must look in and complete with the competing and conquering patterns we carry. Neither of these patterns can help us become leaders in our life nor can they make us successful. They only make us weak, sad, sick and depressed because anything achieved by the competing, conquering pattern, only feeds our ego. Let us be in completion the whole day. You will see how quickly you will become a leader, creating and contributing to the world! TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I welcome all of you with my love and blessings. Yesterday, successfully we completed the twenty-third Inner Awakening! I feel as if I took the first Inner Awakening, because the whole sessions, the whole twenty-one days I took personally. It is such a wonderful feeling to spend so much time with people after a long time. Today I will continue to expand on what I was expanding yesterday, that subject. Please listen! The competing-conquering pattern constantly pushes you from powerlessness. Unfortunately, the materialistic lifestyle, the materialistic lifestyle, consumeristic lifestyle believes you should be pushed constantly, you should be made to move constantly only by the competing-conquering pattern, which is not true. Listen, the competing-conquering pattern is not necessary. If you are being pushed by the competing-conquering pattern every day, you are pushed, you are driven from powerlessness, incompletions. It is like you try to push the whole bullock-cart with your finger which is broken. Whether your bullock-cart moves or not, what will happen? You will have tremendous pain and you will think moving the bullock-cart is very difficult. Instead, pull it by a strong bone instead of pushing by the broken finger. "Pull by the strong bone" means, let Completion be the driving force in your life. To be a leader, there is no such thing as you have to compete and conquer. Competing-conquering pattern is no way required to be a leader. Only in some fools' fields like politics and illusory money...! Please understand, in the world, "illusory wealth" and "real wealth", there are two things. Hinduism describes "Shankha Nidhi" and "Padma Nidhi". Padma Nidhi is the "Lotus Wealth"; it is illusory. Shankha Nidhi, "Conch Wealth" is the real wealth. There are some things which are "real wealth" -- your house, your clothes, your jewellery. This is real wealth. And then there is illusory wealth, created for exchange purpose -- currency, the value of currency. Same way, there are some "real powers" and "illusory powers". The "real power" is your ability to live your life, your ability to do what you want, your ability to understand, ability to react, ability to respond. These are all real powers. "Illusory Power" -- the power of a king who thinks he can do anything; but he can't even make a small child stop crying! The illusory powers and illusory wealth, listen, only in these two fields you need to compete and conquer. There are tons of fields where a leader does not need to be a winner, a leader does not need to be a winner, he does not need to compete and conquer. But, unfortunately, some fools are thinking that even in the spiritual field you have to compete and conquer. Because they abused their own guru and stole the property, they think I will be a competitor. What a funny thing! There are some gurus who feel I am a competitor for them. If you see their organization size and our organization size, I am not even one-thousandth! But they feel threatened by me.....competition! I used to laugh, 'Oh God! Then all these years you have been in this powerless space only?' So powerless! My brahmacharis are much better! My Swamis are more powerful! I tell you, the biggest curse you get in your life is this competing- conquering pattern. Even if you are successful, even if you win, you will not be a leader! Even if you win, it will be with so much of pain and suffering. Anything done with so much of pain and suffering will build ego in you. 'See, with so much of suffering I did it!' You expect everybody to dance to your tune. You suffered; why should they bother about that? You are a fool to suffer! I tell you, only fools, stupid people suffer in the world! Only fools and stupid suffer in the world! To be a leader, you don't need to have this competing-conquering pattern. See, this competing-conquering pattern creates tons of side-effects and foolishness, stupidity. The biggest blessing you have is somebody making you understand that competing-conquering pattern is not required to be a leader, for you to be successful. This is the best ever blessing in your life. Please understand, the day I heard this truth into my ears was the "birthday" for me! That was the "birthday" for me! The day that truth clicked into me is the best day in my life, because, one of the biggest demons has left me!

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