Choose Your Reality: how Integrity supports us to manifest what we want

over 10 years ago


In today's morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains how sampoorthi -- integrity -- supports us to manifest reality as we want it to be. Nithyananda defines reality as the projection of our inner space onto the outer world. If we have internal conflict, our wishes manifest as contradictory and our experience of reality is confused. Once we bring integrity to our inner space, the universe rushes to fulfill our dreams. Whatever we project on the cosmos becomes a project for the cosmos! TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I will expand on how the first principle of life Sampoorthi LISTEN! First principle of life integrity supports you in transforming your life as you want, manifesting the reality as you want. Manifesting your reality as you want. So let me define integrity once again. Integrity is you fulfilling the word/thought you give it to yourself and to others and to experiencing the state of completion with yourself and life. LISTEN! Let me also define reality. Reality means - Projecting your life in the outer workd also as you want in the inner world because there is no discrepancy between the inner world and outer world experiencing the truth of non-duality. Advaita is reality. LISTEN! In the inner world not having any conflict or contradiction about what you want and projecting that experiencing it without any conflict or contradiction in the outer world also because there is no conflict or contradiction in the inner world and between inner world and outer world experiencing non duality as flow of your very life is Reality. I will translate in hindi about sampoorthi. Phele jeevan ka phehala tatva Sampoorthi ki paribasha punaha suniye. Sampoorthi ka arth hai -- app swayam ko aur anya logon ko diye hue vichaar ivam vakya ko purna kare aur swayam ivam jeevan ke saath purnatva siti ka anubhav kare Now let me expand on reality so that you understand how the four principles be used to make reality as you want. Let me define what is reality. This is a very important definition. Only when you experience this as your reality you can have experience Bramhanyam Bahuputratam! LISTEN Not having any conflict internally and contradictions internally about what you want to experience as your inner world and outer world and projecting it powerfully so powerfully that there is no conflict between your projection and your experience perception, no conflict no contradiction. Because there is no conflict and contradiction inside what do you want and outside what you are experiencing feeling the non-duality - Advaita is Reality. First thing inside itself there is so much of conflict, contradiction, what you really want inside you, outside you. What you really want inside you, outside you. That itself has so much of conflict. Second because there is a conflict inside what you project is not able to move the outside the way you want. Because when you say you want money, one part of you already says No..No.. I will ask but you don't give. Because of the conflict, contradictions, unconsciousness inside what you project also has conflict, contradictions and unconsciousness outside, because of that the outside world also has unconsciousness , conflict and contradictions,. This is what I call un-reality. The confusion of Dwandwa -- duality. I'll translate in hindi. Vaastavikta ka arth hai -- ki aap apne antharik stiti ko apke baahar istarah vyakt karne ni ki, aap apke andar ayam baahar koyi bhi sangarsh anubhav na kare. Aisi bina dwanda ki stiti arthartha advaita stiti ko anubhav karna hi Vaastavika ka arth hai Vaastavikta kya hai -- aap ke beetar ki duniya mein sangarshan na ho, hona aivam us anubhav ko baahar ki duniya mein darshana. Kyoi ki na hi bitar ki sangharshan ki hai aur na hi bitar or bahar ki duniya mein sangarshan nahi hai iskaran jeevan ke pravaha me advaita ka anubhav karna yahi vaastavikta hai. LISTEN! Firs you being clear within you. How much of wealth you need, how much of responsibilities you need to take for it, what is the way you want to feel you, what is the way you want to project you to others, what all the other ways may perceive you. Having clarity and taking responsibility for all this. So inside you feeling completion and please LISTEN, the power of your inner completion will be so powerful, I tell you. The moment you project something out of completion the whole world runs to full fill it and serve you.

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