Coming to terms with reality

February 12, 2014


In today’s (11th February, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda delivers a crucial sacred secret – COMING TO TERMS WITH REALITY IS COMPLETION. When we are powerful, in front of reality -facing it - we know what we need to change and what we can change. We can even overcome the wrong concepts and fear about death, confronting death and completing with it. Let us all be in a powerful space of completion, coming to terms with reality! Watch:- TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I will expand on a beautiful, most important truth, in a way a sacred secret, in the process of Completion. Please listen, Completion, Kalpataru, Inner Awakening, are all one and the same. Kalpataru program is the introduction to the Science of Completion and Inner Awakening. I welcome all the devotees gathered in Tiruvanmiyur-Chennai for Kalpataru program. See, the inner awakening starts happening the moment the completion starts. Completion is nothing but coming to terms with reality, understand? Completion is nothing but coming to terms with reality. Unfortunately you cannot and you do not want to face the reality as it is, Kaalabhairava as it is. You put on your incompletions on him, your own imaginations on him, your own ideas on him, your own perceptions on him. Anything between you and the reality is incompletion. And coping up to face the reality is Completion. This time I went to Varanasi for a few days. And, naturally, my favourite place, Manikarnika Ghat, where hundreds of bodies are being burnt every day, we all went. Me and all my Swamis were sitting in the boat in the Ganga. We saw the double-decker and all! "Double-decker" means, one body will be burning; if there is no place, they will just add firewood and put one more body on top of that! World's largest crematorium is the Manikarnika Ghat, because, per day, average around three-hundred-and-fifty bodies are burnt! Sometimes it goes up to six-hundred! We were seeing in front of our eyes, the bodies being burnt in different levels -- the legs stretched out, head stretched out.....! And I sincerely recommend all my disciples should spend at least three-four days. If it is possible, eleven days or twenty-one days. If you cannot, at least three days. I tell you, I guarantee, if you are a CEO, you will become a better CEO; if you are a lawyer, you will become a better lawyer; if you are an engineer, you will become a better engineer. Just at least three days go and sit in the Manikarnika Ghat. Day in and day out, just watch those bodies getting burnt. I promise, you will not fall into depression. It is a western mentality you have been told (this dread of death), 'Oh....death...bodies getting buried....burnt....Oh....!', and keeping the crematorium, cremation ground or burial ground away from the city. And also well-decorated! It is almost like a Royal Garden! Just to hide the reality of death you decorate it, pedicure it and manicure it, and make a beautiful body! Alright....but inside what is there? Dead body! They want us to forget that, that is why they do all the pedicure, manicure and make it so beautiful! You forget it is all dead bodies inside! I tell you, sit in the Manikarnika where Mahadeva personally initiates everyone and liberates them, he initiates them into the Taraka Mantra. Please understand, a Shaivite....I may be a Shaivite, but I am telling the truth! He initiates people into Rama Mantra, Rama Nama! He just gives the Rama Nama, Taraka Mantra! Even this time I saw Mahadeva liberates people just by initiating them into Rama Nama. The moment he initiates, the moment the mantra touches that being, they are liberated! Please listen! Listen! I guarantee you, you don't have to be a dead body burning in the Manikarnika Ghat. Even if you sit there, in one day you will forget you are alive; you will simply associate yourself with one among them, with the bodies getting burnt, and Mahadeva will initiate you also! I tell you, coming to terms with reality is Completion. That automatically happens in Varanasi, in Manikarnika. How much ever I describe....I may be a great orator, but in the orating, what all can happen in you when you see hundreds of dead bodies being burnt every moment, I cannot describe! Either you come to terms with reality, or....there is no "or" actually, just only one: you come to terms with reality! Fortunate are the May Inner Awakening participants who will be experiencing this in my presence, in Manikarnika Ghat in my presence! And I am also planning to take one batch of Gurukul kids; but only after the parents agree, with the parents' written consent. Parents have to give permission, only then. Because, I had the fortune of sitting in the cremation ground and seeing the bodies burning at the age of eleven, twelve, with a great Yogi, Ramsurat Kumar. I had such a wonderful introduction about death by Ramsurat Kumar.

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