Compassion Is Not Withdrawal From Life

July 7, 2014


In today's (5th July, 2014) morning Satsang Paramahamsa Nithyananda spoke about education. He explained that if your inner space is capable of completing with all the blind-spots in any field then you are educated in that field. Likewise if you are able to handle all the blind-spots of the body, mind and spirit you are spiritually educated. He went on to explain how every human being is extraordinary and a source of endless possibility. He advised us to never surrender to someone who is powerless or call our withdrawl from life as compassion when it is really inability to face conflict. TRANSCRIPTS:- I welcome all of you with My love and respects. Nice to see you guys after long time. The live satsang! Nithya Satsang never stops, please understand; Nithya Satsang never stops. It only starts, never stops. Whoever is in the space of listening, I am constantly talking to them; I am constantly delivering my Nithya Satsang, please understand. If you are not in the space of listening, Nithya Satsang never happens; if you are in the space of listening, constantly I am talking to you. I can miss you, but you can't miss Me. I can say I am always with you, you can't say you are always with Me. So understand, Nithya Satsang goes on eternally, goes on eternally, goes on eternally. Who is educated, I wanted to explain this concept. If your inner space is capable enough to complete with all the blind spots you need to handle in that field, you are educated. For example, doctor. What all the blind spots, if an ordinary man tries to become a doctor, he will not know where to cut, where to stitch, where to put the medicine; he will have too many blind spots. If you are able to handle all those blind spots properly, you are a doctor. Same way, an engineer. An ordinary man tries to build a building, he will know a few things- it should have pillar, roof. But he will have a lot of blind spots; what should be the size of the pillar, foundation, roof... but if you are able to handle all of those blind spots, you are educated engineer, that's all. Understand, education means ability to handle the blind spots. Same way, if you are able to handle all the blind spots in your body, mind and consciousness, you are spiritually educated, that's all. If you are able to handle all the blind spots of your body, mind and spirit, you are spiritually educated. Nithya Satsangs are to make you spiritually educated. Once you are spiritually educated, whatever you speak itself is Nithya Satsang! Once you are spiritually educated, even your casual conversations in your office, house, even your gossip, will become Satsang, because, even there you will have the Right Context. Understand, you will have the right context. You will have the right context. Nithya Satsang never stops for Spiritually Educated, because, whatever you speak will be satsang. Of course, physically to see Swamiji every day, even online, live, something different, I know. But once in a while if I give few days miss, only then people don't take it for granted. Anyhow, if it's available every day, good; few days break, good; because we can always enjoy when it starts again. Just for the joy of starting it again, we can have few days break. I'll expand on some of the important principles of Advaitha. I have toooo many to expand now, because all these days, whatever I have churned out I will have to go on sharing. I have too many extraordinary Advaithic principles to share! First, maybe in a way I can say, foremost principle I wanted to share today: ability to constantly educate yourself through life, please listen. Ability to constantly educate yourself through life, means, having listening to life. I am not saying having a weak, powerless way of thinking everybody teaches you, listen. And submissively trying to have everyone's words as lesson, no, listen. Two biggest mistake advaithists do, seekers do, one: trying to be surrendering to everybody which is not right because many people are in powerless space; when you try to surrender to their powerlessness, they put all the powerless ideas into your head, no. Second, your fear to face the conflicts, contradictions, you move out of life, step back from life, you call that as compassion and goody-goodieness, no. This so-called politeness, goody-goodieness which is titled as compassion like bunch of criminals in Tamil Nadu to hide their crime, they use the mask of atheism which is a crime done to society by destroying the possibility to human beings. Now, during my travel in Tamil Nadu I saw some third-rate stone throws by one Swami Parihar (may be a different name;) this fool goes on telling, and some stupid fellows go on writing,

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