Complete With The Child Inside You

February 2, 2014


In today's (30th January, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda conveys new insights on completion -- with our inner child! Most of us are still operating with the pattern of either frightened anxiety or arrogance that we pick up as children, usually in response to powerlessness. But when we make decisions in our life, operating with all three of these patterns, the results are disastrous. This is how we create our own hell. But we can remedy this situation with the spiritual practice of completion and free ourselves from these negative patterns. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Let me continue with the satsangh. Today I will continue on the same story which I was narrating yesterday on the same sacred truths, sacred secrets. Listen! Yesterday I was mentioning about a great sadhu who was living in Tiruvannamalai, Sadhu Om. Tiruvannamalai is not only a place for great masters, well-known masters like Ramana Maharshi, Seshadri Swamigal, Yogi Ramsurat Kumar -- and, whether you want it or not, in the modern day, Paramahamsa Nithyananda....HAHAHAHAHAHA :D -- but also sadhus who just lived and they were doing tapas and left the body, not known to the world. So, this Sadhu Om, he was not known to the world, but he was a great sadhu. I was telling a story narrated by him. Please listen! Let me repeat the story. Every morning, a father and a son, must be seven or eight-year-old son, both of them go for a walk. Every morning they walk outside their house. One day morning, suddenly, that son started getting frightened seeing an old tree standing in a corner and started crying, 'Oh, it is a ghost! It is a ghost!', started shivering, crying, and holding the father, screaming, telling him, 'Father, please take me away from here! Take me away from here! There is a ghost!' Please listen, if the father is trying to comfort the child, for the comfort of that child if the father is taking the child away from the tree, I tell you, it is equivalent to me giving upon you! That is the worst thing that can happen in your life! Even if you go to Hell, don't be given upon by the Guru; you will simply come out. If you are not given upon by the Guru, even if you go to Hell, you will just come out of Hell Fire untouched. If you are given upon by the Guru, even Heaven will burn you! There are tons of people who are suffering in Heaven. Indra (ruler of Heaven) himself is suffering in Heaven because he can't go anywhere else. And Heaven is the most instable place because of a curse by a rishi. That is why, whenever you feel any pleasure, you will always feel insecurity. Whether you believe it or not, pleasure and insecurity go hand in hand. Understand, if you are not given upon by the Master, even Hell cannot touch you; even if you are in hell, Hell Fire cannot touch you; you will come out of it. If you are given upon by the Master, even Heaven will be the worst hell, suffering. If the father takes the child away from the tree for the comfort of the child, saying, 'Oh my son, don't worry! If you are afraid of that ghost, don't worry, I will take you away!' If he takes the child away, it is literally destroying the child, because the child will never know that the tree is not a ghost. Just for the comfort of the child if you take away the child, today he is afraid of this tree, tomorrow he is going to be afraid of some other tree, and his whole life he is going to suffer with that pattern. This father, who didn't take the responsibility of making the child understand and complete with that pattern, he is responsible for the child's whole life suffering. A real father, what he should do? He should carry the child in his hands and say, 'Look my son, don't worry! The ghost cannot do anything to you. I am protecting you! Come on, I will take you near.' He should have carried the child near the tree. Naturally, if he had carried the child near the tree, what will it do? It will say, 'No, no...!', and like how a child hides behind its mother, exactly like that the kid will be hiding behind you, crying, shouting. Sometimes even, the kid will be beating you. You can console the child, but you have no right to take the child away from the tree without removing that fear pattern. You have to take the child near slowly, slowly, saying, ' can see this tree. I am standing near the tree; nothing is happening to me!' Then the child will slowly open one eye and see; then close the eye; and it will cry, 'No, no, no! It may be ghost!' Then, slowly, it will open the other eye and see; then he will have a little comfort and he will say, ' is not a ghost...?' The father should say, 'Yes my son, it is not a ghost. Who told you this is a Ghost?' Then the child will start blaming, 'My friend, yesterday he told...! Because I didn't give him a candy, he told this is a ghost and it will catch me!' Then the father's responsibility is removing that misunderstanding, ignorance also. 'No, my son, don't worry!

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